Traditionally referred at as wood/metal shop. This course is aimed at any student interested in learning about the world of work. The students will learn how to work with a variety of machines and processes found in the trades. During this course students will learn how to plan, select, and use materials, including tools and machines to produce a finished product. Emphasis will be on safety and quality of workmanship. The students (with direction) will select projects. (The instructor will decide if the student has ability for any given project.) This class is about the world of work and each student will need to be in attendance and participate fully in all activities.  


Mission Statement:

* Foster and understanding of the construction/manufacturing industry.

* Help students attain entry-level work related skills.

* Create an awareness of safe and healthy work habits.

* Encourage a positive attitude toward learning.

* Learn construction and manufacturing skills and processes.

* Develop an appreciation for hands on types of work.

* Support school to work partnerships.

* Learn how to work with others in a positive and productive manner.

* Nurture the development of critical thinking, problem solving, communications, reading, writing, and mathematics.


Student will:

1. Complete a daily log to allow this instructor to better understand your daily output and knowledge of material and processes.

2. Design and select a project within your capabilities and finances to build. (Get instructor input)

3. Show by the use of layout plans and project construction your understanding of measurements. (Both ruler and tape)

4. Show by the use of the Board Foot, Lineal Foot, and Square Foot formulas that you can properly cost out your project.

5. Show proper gluing and clamping techniques: straps, hand screw clamps, bar clamps, and C clamps.

6. Show your understanding of safety procedures in the construction lab and class area by: following all the safety rules, studying and passing all needed machine written and oral tests as well as assisting in the safe daily operations of the lab.



The semester grade will be determined by the following:
Machine check off and operation- 10%
Notebook—Quizzes and writing assignments- 35%
Participation and projects and lab clean-up – 40%
Attendance / tardy- 10%
Tests- 5%

Grade Scale:

Standard 100 – 90 A+, A-, 89.9 – 80 B+, B-, 79.9 – 70 C+, C-, 69.9 – 60 D+, D-, 59.9 and below F


Material costs:

(5$ Lab Fee) ALL non- required projects will be paid for by the students after the design and planning stage, only then may materials be cut. Parents will be asked to sign off on any project exceeding $10.00 unless other wise instructed.


Safety equipment:

Each student will be supplied a pair of OSHA approved safety
glasses that MUST be worn in the lab. Ear protection is recommended and provided. Dust masks are also available upon request. Safe close- toe shoes MUST be worn.


Attendance/ Tardies:

This program deals with the world of work and attendance is a large part of keeping a job, so to that end, barring a debilitating injury or major illness students must be in class everyday. Students who have unexcused absences will not be allowed to make up missed work. Excused absences will be allowed a period of time to make up their work. Equal day to the days missed will be allowed for make up work.


Class expectations:

1. Be in class and ready to start when the bell rings.
2. Follow directions the first time given, courteously and politely.
3. Follow all classroom and safety rules.
4. Remain on task and participate in all classroom activities.
5. Remain in class until dismissed by the instructor.



Woods and Metals Expectation


You will be expected to bring writing materials to class each day.

Before starting a project you must have;

          Mr. Tornow’s approval

          A dimensioned working drawing. (top, front and right end)

          A bill of materials list of all parts.

          Mr. Tornow must have sign all three before a project may be


You are expected to supply you own materials.

 (Things like nail, screws, stains, finishes and all tools will be

    provided by the school.)

You will need a three ring binder to hold all of you paper work.  OR Keep your entries on a computor file.

(Keep all your work in this folder including you journal.)

You will keep a Daily Log (You will write in your log at the

          beginning of each class period.)

Class is graded on the amount of work done and time on task and

          participation in clean-up at the end of each period.

Most Fridays will be spent in the classroom learning about

          Woodworking tools and woodworking techniques through

          bookwork and movies.