AP Human Geography – CHS – Mrs. Tweed

WELCOME to AP Human Geography – Camas High School

Week of June 6 – 10, 2016

Mon. June 6:   Mrs. Tweed continues with slides from her study at the death camps of Poland and the concentration camps of Europe.

Tues., June 7: Finish slides of Poland, Europe, and study at the Yad Vashem in Jersusalem regarding the Holocaust 1932-1945.

Wed., June 8:   Introduce Righteous Among the Nations at the Yad Vashem.  Show the CSD approved film, "Sophie Scholl" about a young college student at the University of Munich who began with her brother, Hans, the secret resistance movement called the White Rose.  This film earned top Foreign Film with subtitles.

Thurs., June 9 View Part II of "Sophie Scholl."

Fri., June 10:  Finals for Periods 1 and 6.  Because the AP HUGS students took their AP College Board Exam in May along with my final, grades have already been submitted.  Students will watch the last Holocaust film, "Freedom Writers" about the true story of an LA teacher, Erin Gruelich, who brought Miep Guies to her school and changed the lives of her inner city students due to this visit.  Miep Guies was the non-Jewish woman who risked her life to protect Anne Frank and her family while in hiding for two years in the Secret Annex located in Amsterdam, Nertherlands.  Students in period 4 AP HUGS will finish on Tuesday, June 14.

Homework: NONE as we have completed the AP Human Geography Coursework.

              Wewill be studying the Holocaust May 31-June 10th.  Mrs. Tweed's Master's Degree work was re: the Holocaust.  She will share her work done at the Yad Vashem in Jersusalem, at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Mandel Fellowship Program in D.C., and her DVD slides from her study at the six death camps of Poland and various concentration camps of Europe.  The weeks after the EXAM are enrichment re: history and current world issues.



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Pre-AP English 10 – CHS – Mrs. Tweed

WELCOME to Pre-AP English 10 – Camas High School

Homework for June 4-5:  Students are responsible for reading chapters 11 and 12 for Monday, 6/6 of Amy Tan's The Joy Luck Club.  Discussion/quiz over Chp. 11 led by Rachel/Claire/Kristina and then Chp. 12: discussion/quiz  led by Katie B./Avery (2nd period).  5th period Chp. 11 will be lead by Amelia/Korrie and Chp. 12 by Emma/Madison.  Group activity will be provided re: Chinese culture by both Chp. 11 and Chp. 12 student-teachers.

AGENDA:  Week of June 6 – 10, 2016 

Monday, 6/6:  Presentation of Chp. 11 by Claire/Rachel/Kristina (2nd) + Amelia/Korrie (5th) over Chp. 12 led by Katie B./Avery (2nd) and Emma/Madison (5th) The Joy Luck Club.  JD/Noah (2nd) and Georgina/Anna (5th) to library to prepare lesson plan for Chp. 13 on Tuesday.

Tuesday, 6/7 : Presentation by JD/Noah (2nd) + Georgina/Anna (5th) over Chp. 13 of The Joy Luck Club.  Ella/Kathryn/Julia (2nd) + Isabella/Katelyn (5th) to computer lab for work on their Chp. 14 presentation.

Wednesday, 6/8:  Presentation by Ella/Kathryn/Julila (2nd) + Isabella/Katelyn  (5th) over Chp. 14 of The Joy Luck Club.  Courtney/Sydney (2nd) + Paul/Geneva to computer lab for Chp. 15 work on their presentation.

Thursday, 6/9: Presentation by Courtney/Sydney (2nd) + Paul/Geneva (5th) over Chp. 15 of The Joy Luck Club.  This will be the last test over The Joy Luck Club. 

Friday, June 10 is FINALS for Periods 1 & 6.  Monday, June 13, is FINALS for Periods 2 & 5.  Tuesday, June 14, is FINALS for Periods 3 & 4.

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