Teacher & Principal Evaluation – Camas School District

There are many reasons why teacher and principal evaluation has been a focus at the state and national levels.  Here in Camas the reason is simply that we want to get better at teaching and learning every day.  Teaching is a challenging profession. Taking 30 to 150 students from all different backgrounds, at all different levels and helping them move forward every day requires tremendous skill, patience, and preparation.  The new evaluation system will provide greater opportunities to collaborate and grow in the profession.  Public education is a cornerstone of success for individuals, communities, and our country.  We embrace the responsibility and are committed to meeting the criteria of the new evaluation system, knowing that our growth positively impacts student growth.

Teacher Criteria
1. Centering instruction on high expectations for student achievement
2. Demonstrating effective teaching practices
3. Recognizing individual student learning needs and developing strategies to address those needs
4. Providing clear and intentional focus on subject matter content and curriculum
5. Fostering and managing a safe, positive learning environment
6. Using multiple student data elements to modify instruction and improve student learning
7. Communicating with parents and school community
8. Exhibiting collaborative and collegial practices focused on improving instructional practice and student learning
Principal Criteria
1. Creating a Culture
2. Ensuring school Safety
3. Planning with Data
4. Aligning Curriculum
5. Improving Instruction
6. Managing Resources
7. Engaging Communities
8. Closing the Gap
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