February All-New Hire Orientation (the last one!)

Tonight we shifted gears a little to focus less on the nuts-and-bolts of teaching in Camas to consider some of the guiding philosophies behind what we do. Specifically, we talked about what it means to "see and serve every student," particularly when we might bring our own biases to the table.

To frame this, we examined OSPI's data for the Camas School District when it comes to exclusionary discipline. Examining this data through a lens of student equity, we discovered that certain subgroups were receiving exlcusionary discipline (suspensions and expulsions) at a rate more than double what should be the case as compared to the general population. This led us to consider how individual teacher-to-student interactions are the "first link" in the causal chain that soemtimes leads to escalated discipline.

We focused on how as individual teachers, the way we communicate expectations for kids shapes whether they recieve equitable access to an education. "Communicating expectations," however, isn't about our learning target or project rubric; Rather, we communicate our expectations for kids every day through our interactions, affect, questioning strategies, and interpersonal communciation.

This file includes two "Mental Protocols" that we examined to consider both how we plan for equitable classrooms, as well as how we mindfully react to student behavior.

That mindfulness is key! Consider these reflection questions from one of the Mental Protocols:

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Understanding your Next Steps for Certification

Keeping track of what you need to do to maintain your certification can be incredibly confusing! Below is a tool you can use to sort out what you need to do and when you need to do it.

November New Teacher Orientation

During this session, we networked around grading, report cards, and student growth! We self-assessed our progress with the student growth process and shared strategies for making the process all the more meaningful.


October New Teacher Orientation

Thanks to our guest substitute teachers for helping us make sense of what is most important about SUB PLANS! Key take-aways from our conversations:

  1. It's a good idea to have a basic binder or folder set up already with key info that any sub might use for any day. Things to include: photo charts from Skyward, emergency care plans, a map of the school, emergency procedures (short and sweet), and an overivew of your rules and procedures.
  2. Detail is good in sub plans, but find a balance between too little and too much. You don't need to script the day out to the minute, but consider the information the sub will need in order to be most successful.
  3. It's a great idea to have a set of emergency sub plans in your desk with lessons or activities that could be inserted anywhere in your scope and sequence–this way if something happens and you don't have time to make sub plans, there is still learning happening that fits your goals.
  4. Build relationships with the subs you meet when you ARE in the building. If they know you and you know them, it makes it easier ot sort out what will work best for each of you.
  5. Last but not least, subs are there to support you when you need to be away from your classroom–so make sure to use this partnership to help you take care of yourself physically and mentally! 

September New Hire “Make Up”

If you were not able to attend, check out this video and the links below to get key information!

Key documents:

PD@CSD: The 400vs900
Certification Pathways
August Clock Hour Form (in case you missed it!)


Thank you to the Camas business community for such a great welcome!

Thanks especially to the Downtown Camas Association and Carrie Schulstad for helping us connect with so many wonderful businesses!

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Thanks for a great orientation!

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THANK YOU for a great two days! We hope you feel welcomed and at home here in Camas.

A few logistical details:

1. Clock hours. Many of you kept your clock hour form. These clock hours are free of charge and we can facilitate getting them to the ESD for you…talk to your in-building partner about how to send those in the courier to Mark at ZAC.

2. Those QR Codes and Links to videos and articles…you can find them above under "Teacher Evaluation" and "Links" or just click here.

MORE SOON… be watching your email! Remember, you promised to open emails from Stephen and Mark, as we'll always make sure the emails are concise and contain key info or "to-do" messages.


August 2016 New Teacher Orientations!


Wednesday, August 24th: Happy Hour with the Camas Education Association! Location: A Beer at a Time, 216 NE 3rd Avenue, 2-4 pm…drop in if you can!

Thursday, August 25th and Friday, August 26th: New Teacher Orientations at the District Office (ZAC: 821 NE 22nd Avenue). Coffee and conversation starts at 7:30am, programming runs from 8am-3pm.

  • Lunch is provided both days.
  • On FRIDAY, be sure to wear comfortable shoes and clothes suitable for a walking outside—you’ll be getting to know your new neighborhood.
  • If you are unable to attend, we will be having a one-day New Teacher BootCamp on Saturday, September 17th.
  • Your building principal might have additional orientation activities you are invited to.

Questions? Email Mark!

May New Teacher Meeting

Our last whole group meeting! This was our celebration of the successes of the year and one more opportunity to connect with our Coaching Pathway colleagues to talk through some of the challenges we're facing. Mark will be scheduling one-on-one "exit interviews" with each of you to get more information and wrap up the year. In the meantime, be kind to yourself :)

March New Teacher Meeting

At this session we get to connect with some of our more veteran colleagues, the teachers engaged in the CSD "Coaching Pathway." The first hour, we will work in our small group to process our successes and dilemmas in our current work, and then after dinner (courtesy of the Camas Education Association!) we will connect with our Coaching Pathway colleagues for some problem-solving conversations.

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