Welcome to our temporary website.  Here you will find links to good info about the International Science and Engineering Fair in May 2012 in Pittsburg, the Washington State Science and Engineernig Fair Mrch 30-31 2012, and info about our Fair here at Skyview High School on March 3 2012.  

There are two places to look for forms: 

Intel ISEF forms wizard

Washington State SEF registration

Southwest Washington SEF registration: complete the forms for the WSSEF then contact Carol Ramsey, Fair Director, at carolramsey1@comcast.net 




Hello and Welcome

This is the temporary site for the Southwest Washington Science and Engineering Fair.  


Our next Fair is Saturday March 3 2012.


Final date for SWWSEF Fair submissions is February 15, 2012. 


To register, complete the forms from the Washington State Science and Engineering Fair, then please contact Carol Ramsey, SWWSEF Director, at: carolramsey1@comcast.net  She wil schedule a time to consider your projects submissions,. 



Newsflash: We are an Affiliated Fair!

The SWWSEF quallified last year to become affiliated with the Intl ISEF Fair system.  We will send our top Fair project directly to this year's Intel ISEF in Pittsburg in May 2012.  

Learn all about the Intel ISEF here


Next SRC Meeting Date

Our Science Review Committee (SRC) and our local Institute Review Board (IRB) meets montly to consider new projects submitted for our Fair.  

Our current schedule of SRC/IRB meetings for this year is given below.  We may schedule more dates if there is need.  


November 2


November 30


January 11


February 8


If your project meets the criteria for any of the advnaced** forms then you must get prior approval from the Fair SRC/IRB before beginning collection of your data.  See the forms wizard for Intel ISEF or the Registraion page for WSSEF for more details. Email Carol Ramsey if you have any questions.  


** = human subjects, materials or activities risk, institution, biohazards, or vertebrate animals