Monday, 2/20: NO SCHOOL! President's Day! 

Tuesday, 2/21: 

  • Junior Research Project Draft Time (Full, Printed Draft Due on Wednesday!)

Wednesday, 2/22:

  • Peer Editing Round Robin
  • Reflection

Thursday, 2/23:

  • Writing Conferences
  • Composition Time/Study Hall

Friday, 2/24:

  • Writing Conferences
  • Composition Time/Study Hall 

Monday, 2/13:

  • How Do I Find my Thesis? 
  • Outline Directions & Workshop

Tuesday, 2/14:

Wednesday, 2/15 & Thursday, 2/16: Ms. Stevens Out for Mock Trial Districts 
When I return from Mock Trial districts (that means AT THE BEGINNING OF CLASS ON FRIDAY), you should have the following PRINTED and ready for class: 

  • a completed draft of your introduction 
  • a completed draft of your first body paragraph
  • a completed writing checklist  

Friday, 2/17: 

  • Small Group Checklist Double-Check: Introduction & Body Paragraphs 
  • Questions & Concerns
  • Composition Time (Aim for 5 Paragraphs by Monday!) 


Monday, 2/6: 

  • Semester Housekpeeing & New Seats 
  • Huck Finn, Ch. 27-32 Blitz! 

Tuesday, 2/7:

  • Huck Finn Plot Round-Up 
  • 10 Minute Free Write: How Should it End? 
  • Small Group Debrief 
  • The End

Wednesday, 2/8:

  • Huck Finn Synthesis Notes
  • Theme Development

Thursday, 2/9: 

  • Supporting Themes w/ Evidence
  • Final Wrap-Up
  • Turn in Books

Friday, 2/10:

  • Research Day: 30 Notecards, 5 sources, ALL DUE MONDAY, 2/13! 

Monday, 1/30: 


  • Huck Finn: Read Chapters #19-20, Reading Questions through Chapter 26 (Due Monday, 2/6)

Tuesday, 1/31: Your finals period is for research! Research checks will begin immediately following your finals period. If you finish early, you should be working on your Huck Finn​ packet, due Monday. 


Wednesday, 2/1: Your finals period is for research! Research checks will begin immediately following your finals period. If you finish early, you should be working on your Huck Finn packet, due Monday. 


Thursday, 2/2: Your finals period is for research! Research checks will begin immediately following your finals period. If you finish early, you should be working on your Huck Finn​ packet, due Monday. 


Friday, 2/3: 

  • Huck Finn Character Round-Up & Quote Integration 
  • Huck Finn Reading Questions through Chapter 26 Work Time (Due Monday, 2/6)

Monday, 1/23: 

  • Choose Your Own Adventure: Huck Finn, Ch. #7-11 or JRP Notecards 
  • REMINDER: 10 Notecards w/ 2 Sources & Reading Q's are due TOMORROW! 

Tuesday, 1/24: 

  • Research Round-Up & Questions
  • Correct Reading Q's for #7-11 
  • Distribute Reading Q's #12-18
  • Read: Huck Finn, Chapters #12-14

Wednesday, 1/25: 

  • Central Washington Housekeeping
  • Read: Huck Finn, Chapters #15-16
  • Activity 

Thursday, 1/26: Ms. Stevens Out, Periods 3-6

  • Finish: Huck Finn, Chapters #17 & 18 w/ Questions 
  • Junior Research Project Time (20 Notecards, 4 Sources- DUE FINALS PERIOD) 

Friday, 1/27: 

  • Junior Research Project Time (20 Notecards, 4 Sources-DUE FINALS PERIOD) 

Monday, 1/16 & Tuesday, 1/17: NO SCHOOL! 

Wednesday, 1/18: The grades for your Transcendentalist essays have been entered. You may go in and look at the comments, but PLEASE DO NOT RESOLVE OR CHANGE ANYTHING UNTIL AFTER WE HAVE SPOKEN AS A CLASS. Additionally, our schedule is going to be a little tight as we move toward semester; we will have to make up time for all the snow. Please check back frequently for updates. 

  • JRP & Essay Reminders
  • Huck Finn: Chs. #1-5 Recap
  • Huck Finn: Ch. #6 & Finish/Correct Reading Questions 

Thursday, 1/19: 

  • Huck Finn: Quote Analysis Assignment 
  • Essay Debrief & Reflection
  • How to Write Commentary (in Noodle Tools & Beyond!) 

Friday, 1/20: You may work on either of the two following tasks during class today. Both your Huck Finn reading and completed questions, as well as your research (2 sources, 10 notecards & commentary) will be due Tuesday, 1/24. We will have another self-guided work day on Monday, 1/23. 

  • Huck Finn: Chs. #7-12 & Reading Questions 
  • Junior Research Project: 2 Sources, 10 Notecards w/ Commentary in NoodleTools 

Monday, 1/9: SNOW DAY! Today's activities will be pushed until tomorrow–however, that will mean the slightest bit of homework. Sorry, but Mother Nature isn't doing us any favors right now. 

Tuesday, 1/10: LATE START

  • Author Assignment Results (3) & (6) & Research Reminder
  • Audio Book:Huck Finn, Ch. 1-3 (Work on Reading Questions) 
  • HOMEWORK: Huck Finn, Ch. 4-5 (Work on Reading Questions) 

Wednesday, 1/11, Thursday, 1/12, & Friday, 1/13: SNOW DAYS! 

Please work on completing the assignment from Tuesday's class (finishing Huck Finn chapters 4 & 5 w/ the accompanying questions). You should also think about beginning your research for your author project. We will re-evaluate research due dates when next we have class.

Happy New Year! First and foremost, if you did not turn in your Transcendentalism essay over break, it is due by midnight, tonight (Tuesday, 1/3)Any papers that are not turned in by that time will be considered late. Second, we will be beginning The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn this week. If you'd like to supplement your reading outside of class with a free audiobook, here is a convenient link to a YouTube edition. 

Tuesday, 1/3: 

  • Welcome Back & Paper Scheduling 
  • Huckleberry Finn: Synopsis and Author Bio 
  • Huckleberry Finn: Building Context Through Art

Wednesday, 1/4:

  • Huck Finn: Using Language Appropriately 

Thursday, 1/5:

Friday, 1/6: 

  • Noodle Tools Demo (LMC) 
  • Huck Finn Chapters 2-3 & Reading Questions (for Monday) 

Monday, 12/12:

Tuesday, 12/13:

  • Catch-Up: 5 Key Targets for Conferencing
  • Example Essay 
  • Document Set-Up & Work Time

Wednesday, 12/14:

  • Essay Work Period & Individual Conferences 

Thursday, 12/15:

  • Essay Work Period & Individual Conferences 

Friday, 12/16: 

  • Essay Work Period & Individual Conferences (ESSAY DUE BY MIDNIGHT!)

Delays due to inclement weather are highly probable this week. Be aware that any activities between Tuesday and Thursday may be flexed between days. 

Monday, 12/5:

  • "Walden" Close Reading & Debrief 
  • Compare/Contrast Thoreau & Emerson
  • Application to Today: Why is Trascendentalism Hard & How Might It Be Helpful? 

Tuesday, 12/6: 

  • Brainstorm: Our Major Issues as a Society
  • Identify Your Issue
  • Article Search

Wednesday, 12/7:

  • MLA Citation Practice 
  • Article Summary & Key Point Paraphrases 
  • Align Key Points w/ Transcendentalist Tenets & Authors 

Thursday, 12/8:

  • Paper Prompt Introduction 
  • Previous Writing Feedback 
  • Create Paper Outline 

Friday, 12/9: Ms. Stevens Absent 

  • Paper Work Day (due Tuesday, 12/13)