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Here you will find information about SNN Officer elections and procedures.

Nomination Meeting-

   This meeting, we nominate members for officer positions. This meeting goes like this:


Welcome to our Nomination Meeting!

We will go over some rules:

   You can nominate 7th graders for Secretary, Vice President, and President positions.

   You can nominate 6th graders for Deputy position only.



    Let us now open the floor to nominations.

    One person stands and says: "I nominate (member) for (position)."

    Then the Secratary writes that name down.

    Another member stands and seconds that nomination. "I second that"

    The Secratary will then put a hashmark next to the nomination.

    This goes on and on until the floor is closed by an Officer.



    We will now read off the names and ask you to accept ONE position only!

    Read off names.

    "(Name of nominee), you have been nominated for (state position(s)). Which would you like to accept?"

    Nominee answers.

    This goes on and on until every name has been called.


Ok, the meeting is now over.

We will now go over the names and create a ballot.

The election meeting will be (date).

Please prepare a short message on why you should be nominated.


Election Meeting-

   This meeting we will elect the members that were nominated. The meeting goes as follows:


Welcome to the Election day Meeting!

Each candidate has an opportunity to say something on their behalf about the position …

A Google Form for elections will posted on Edmodo. Follow the link to the ballot. 



First, the nominee's speeches.

Ok, thanks, we have now heard from the people you will be voting for!



Follow the link on Edmodo to a Google Form. Fill out your vote.

Thanks, have a great day!

Counting Ballots-

   After the Election Meeting, the current officers and Ms. Pappas will go through the Google Form results.

After Election-

The results will be posted to Edmodo. 

The newly elected officers will typically meet with the current officers to learn tips and tricks and plan for next year.

So this is how our election proccess works. Make sure to follow the steps and good luck!

– SNN Officers 2014-15

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