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This area is for SNN members to mess about in and learn some interesting stuff!


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SNNers, you may post your random comments and discussions on this page, but please keep them off Edmodo! Thank you,

The Officers.



The Calendar will updated at the start of the 2015-16 year when the committees, officers, and Ms. Pappas settle on dates. Thanks! – 2014-15 Officers  

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Here you will find information about SNN Officer elections and procedures. Nomination Meeting-    This meeting, we nominate members for officer positions. This meeting goes like this:   Welcome to our Nomination Meeting! We will go over some rules:    You can nominate 7th graders for Secretary, Vice President, and President positions.    You can …

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Member List

2015-16 Member List: 23 members total   President: Aanya Friedeman Vice-President: Odessa Thompson Secretary: Rose Leveen Deputy: Olivia McFadden Claire Lee Colby Stoller Efra Ahsan Carson Hamilton Logan Hamilton Addy Hance Ellie Cox Ken Koceja Cameron Kolkemo Ella Norton Emme Speas Alexis Williams Ella Hieronymous Nush Alam

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2015-16 Officers President:   Aanya Friedeman Vice President:   Odessa Thompson Secretary:   Rose Leveen Deputy:   Olivia McFadden                                         

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