English 10: Seidl & Brunk

*~Making English 10 Dreams Come True~*


We are currently reading Shakespeare's Macbeth! Check out 'Lessons and Materials' for access to all of our lessons. 



Poetry Out Loud

We are currently reading and studying poetry. You should have chosen a poem to recite from the Poetry Out Loud website. We will recite poems on Monday, January 30th, right before the finals days at the end of the semester. 

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Lord of the Flies


We have begun reading Lord of the Flies! Below are links to the audiobook, as well as other resources which may help you in understanding the book. 

LOTF audiobook with words

"Grandpa Golding" audiobook

video summaries

LOTF sparknotes


Purple Hibiscus Chapter 1

link to audiobook

chapter 1 summary