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6th, 7th & 8th Grade Health & Fitness

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Student Survey

In order to help me get to know you better as a classroom learner please click the following link and answer the questions: Be honest…this isnt graded and will help me to be a better teacher for you this year. 


Welcome Back!

School Starts Sept. 5th and my classes will be starting the year in the Gym.   



Fitness Unit #1 

8th graders: Football

7th graders: Ultimate ball/frisbee 

Upcoming Unit Tests & Quizzes

6th grade: Sexual Health Unit Test

3rd period: May 24th (those going on the field trip that day will take it 5/22)

4th period : May 25th 


7th grade: CPR/First Aid Quiz 

1st period: May 15th

2nd period: May 16


8th grade: Drug Abuse Prevention Quiz

5th period: May 24th 

6th period: May 25th 

How to talk to your teens about sex

7th and 8th graders have started learning about sexual health and thier learning has sparked  A LOT of great questions! Parents have asked for tips on how to talk to thier kids about sexual health.  The Center for Disease Control and Prevention has some great ideas!


Back to Fitness- February 21st!


We'll be rotating back to fitness after President's Day on February 21st.  We'll be participating in a basketball skills unit, culminating in a mixed team 4 on 4 basketball tournament.  The other part of class time will be spent playing various fitness games and completing the 2nd trimester fitness testing. 


Quizzes and Projects

8th grade: Communicable and Non-communicable diseases (pathogens, transmission, symptoms, risk factors and prevention) FEB 10th! 


7th gradeWashington State OSPI Classroom Based Assessment on Alcohol.  1st period (Feb 13th) & 2nd Period (Feb 14th) 


6th grade: Tobacco Quiz (forms, physical effects, advertising) 3rd period (Feb 15th) 4th period (Feb 16th) 

Sexual Health Curriculum Night


Our annual sexual health curriculum night will be held February 2, 2017 from 5-6 pm in room 117. Our district adopted sexual health curriculum, F.L.A.S.H. will be discussed as well as the overall curriculum goals for grades 6th, 7th and 8th. Parents can begin viewing the specifics of the curriculum on February 3rd by making an appointment to do so with the main office. Forms for families who choose to opt students out of the curriculum will be available after you veiw the curriculum.  

Back to Fitness!


As of Dec. 2nd we’ll be back in fitness until January 13th. Students should be dressed down each day in their Liberty PE shirt, shorts or athletic pants and athletic shoes.

Each day we will follow the same basic routine:
Warm up stretch
Cardio activity
Skill based practice
Skill application game

This fitness unit will be volleyball but will include many different variations of the standard games in order to practice and improve skills, apply fitness principles, and, most importantly, help to create a life long love of recreation and sport!

End of Trimester!

The end of the 1st trimester is quickly approaching (Dec. 2nd)  All late/missing work must be turned in by November 29th in order to be graded and counted on the final trimester grade. 

November 29, day calendar, school board, date

November 29, day calendar, school board, date