LHE First Grade Fun

The week of April 24th

This week in first grade…

In reading we are diving deeper into nonfiction. We are reading The Life Cycle of an Apple Tree. We will be looking at text features including table of contents, illustrations, diagrams, and labels. Read nonfiction with your child this week and check out what they're learning.

In Social Studies this week we are learning to compare and contrast in our writing. Students will use a Venn Diagram to sort the key details they've learned in a nonfiction text about students around the world. They will also begin to write sentences using key comparing words, "and" and "both." Have conversations with your child this week about things that are the same and different.

In writing this week we will celebrate our young authors hard work writing nonfiction about an animal. Students are learning how to read their animal books to an audience. Come for our author's celebration Thursday 3:30-5:00p.m.

In math students are learning to compose and decompose two-digit numbers. They are also learning about dividing shapes into halves and fourths and discussing symmetry. We are working with the vocabulary "before" and "after" counting from any starting place from 1-120. Students are learning to determine the value of a digit as determined by its place and are writing them in expanded form. Play counting games while driving in the car starting from any given number. Work with your child on bundling any object into groups of ten. Count the groups.

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