LHE First Grade Fun

It was the week before spring break and all through first grade….

Jungle week brings lots of excitement to Lacamas.

Here are some things you might want to know.

1. Students participate in the "jungle" during their regular p.e. days and times. Please send your child in clothing they can climb, jump, roll, and easily move while wearing. The jungle is like a giant obstacle course decorated with vines, trees, and stuffed animals.

2. Students eat lunch in their classroom. There is still hot lunch available. They walk it back to the classroom to eat there. Please, take care to send nut free lunches to protect our students with allergies. Thank you!

3. As a reward for helping with Jump Rope for Heart, all kids who raised more than $65 are invited to attend ONE lunch recess in the Jungle. The kids are expected to know they have earned this, so if you know your child did achieve this then remind them.  They are expected to eat in the classroom as any other day, then when dismissed to recess, they should ask to go to the gym and Mrs. Moran will be here to meet and entertain them. TUESDAY is for K & 1st grade!

4. Friday is a SPIRIT DAY! Your child is invited to dress like a jungle animal.


Targets this week in class….

Reading: I can ask questions anytime, anywhere, about anything! Students will review what they have learned about asking questions and extend their learning to wonder without limits, to work to answer questions with our newly acquired inferring strategy, and to learn that some questions need to be answered using outside sources.

Writing: I can publish expository/informational text! Students will be putting finishing touches on their animal reports.

Math: I can use a number line to add and subtract! Students will practice using tools to add and subtract larger numbers.

Social Studies: I can use text features to identify key details in a text to learn about children going to school around the world. Students will use what they learn to engage in discussion and expository writing to clarify their understanding.

Science: I can use biomimicry to use what I have learned about plants to solve a problem I generated. Students will work with Mrs. Schaeffer's fifth graders to design and then build a model of a device.

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