LHE First Grade Fun

December 12-16

Tis' the season for wild weather we suppose! In anticipation of one full week before break we are planning for some holiday fun!


Report cards come home Thursday. Please, check your child's back pack.

Friday is our Lacamas Sing-a-long at 2:30p.m. Join us for music of the season.

Students may also wear pajamas for our school wide spirit day on Friday!

In reading this week we will be reading The Grinch, practicing our thinking strategies and working on retell. We will discuss theme and work to put it into practice performing random acts of kindness.

How you can support: Read books around the theme of compassion. Talk about events in the story that illustrate the author working to describe the theme. Some great books are Unspoken by Henry Cole, Each Kindness by Jacqueline Woodson, and Elmer by David McKee.

In writingstudents will write letters to Santa. We will be putting these in a special book to share with families later this year.

How you can support:

Let your child help fill out holiday cards or make some of their own. Let us know if we can help with card supplies.

In math, students will be practicing doubles +1 and doubles -1. These problems are also called neighbors (8+9=17) because they are numerals right next "door" to each other on a number line. This helps to improve student fact fluency.

How you can support:

Practice saying doubles. Add one one. Write equations to match.

In social studies we will travel alongside Glob Trot Scot all over the world, visiting the continent of Europe this week. We will land back home and compare what we know to our own traditions. We will celebrate with a tradition festival on Thursday afternoon. More details will follow on Bloomz this week.

How you can support:

Ask your child what they learned about France this week.

Mrs. Clary, Mrs. Faddis, and Mrs. Schlenz

Lacamas produces a weekly news spot; take a look below.


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