LHE First Grade Fun


It is our first full week in the month of DECEMBER! Time sure flies when you are having fun!

In reading this week we will be studying informational text features and learning how to use them to determine the main idea of select text. Additionally, we will work to ask questions about informational text and dig in to find the answer as we read.

How you can support: Try out a new genre. Read informational text (nonfiction).

In writingstudents will finish their narrative assessment. Upon completion they will experiment with different genres and styles of writing.

How you can support:

Ask your child to read their writing with family and friends. Often reading writing out loud helps to clarify words they intended to write, spelling, and other conventions.

In math, students will be practicing combinations of 10 and doubles fluency within 20. During calendar we will explore 3 dimensional shapes including: cylinders, rectangular prisms, cubes, and spheres.

How you can support:

Play "I Spy" 3 dimensional shapes. Find an object to represent a 3 dimensional shape around the house or while driving (Ex: canned good for cylinder). Use one attribute to describe it and see if your child can guess what object you are describing. Switch roles.

In social studies we will travel alongside Glob Trot Scot all over the world, visiting the continents of Africa, Europe, and North America this week.

How you can support:

Ask your child to say the 7 continent chant for you.

Mrs. Clary, Mrs. Faddis, and Mrs. Schlenz

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