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Happy Thanksgiving

Enjoy the holiday week. We have school Nov. 21-22 and off Nov. 23-27. School resumes on Monday, Nov. 28th.

In reading this week we will revisit all of the strategies we've learned this year as we share special seasonal stories.

How you can support: Continue reading over the week. Revisit the year's poems. Take time to notice the positive growth your child has made (ex: reading more smoothly, perhaps more accurately, with more expression, etc…)

In writingstudents will learn about adjectives and practice writing to a prompt: "Save turkey's eat more…."

How you can support:

Ask your child to read their writing with family and friends. Often reading writing out loud helps to clarify words they intended to write, spelling, and other conventions.

In math, students will be practicing fluency of all of the strategies and skills they have learned this year. Additionally, they will work to write their own word problems to match doubles equations. Students will learn to use their doubles for subtraction.

How you can support:

Have your child help you cook this week. Point out whole, half, and quarter measurement relationships whether it is cups, teaspoons, or tablespoons.

We will not have science this week. When we return in social studies we will be starting to learn about traditions.

How you can support:

Please, remember to take the time over the holiday week to complete the "Holiday Show and Tell" sent home with your child. They will be using this when they return to put their learning to work.

We are thankful for all of you and your support.

Mrs. Clary, Mrs. Faddis, and Mrs. Schlenz

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