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It is looking like a rainy week this week: November 14th-18th!

It will be a full week of learning and we are looking forward to it! At the end of it, please join us for the PALS Family Movie Night featuring Finding Dory. That is this Friday, November 18th!

In reading this week we will continue making connections. Students will work to distinguish between connections that help readers understand more about the story, character, and big ideas and those that do not. Some connections are very surface level and don't do much for our understanding. For example, you might have the same name as the main character. Other connections are much deeper. For example, you might have experienced the same fear as the main character and know how they feel.

How you can support: When reading with your child take time to stop periodically and ask your child, "Are you making any connections to the story right now?" or "Do you have a connection?" Try and model a connection of your own. Say, "I have a connection. This reminds me of…"

In writing, students will build on what they learned about "strong starts."  They will focus on hooking readers this week with dialogue.

How you can support: Read a Piggie and Elephant book by Mo Willems and discuss how the dialogue conveys the characters feelings and supports what is happening in the story. ep_toy_lg


Check out a wordless picture book like A Boy, a dog, and a frog and add dialogue as you read the pictures.61yrI+Ra9aL._SX258_BO1,204,203,200_


In math, students will be exploring how to increase fact fluency using addition and subtraction strategies.

How you can support: Use dominoes to add. Talk about strategies you use to solve domino addition fast.

In science, students will learn about light sources and illumination. They will make connections between sound waves and light waves. Lastly, they will experiment with light travel through transparent, translucent, and opaque objects.

How you can support: Assign your child the task of collecting 5 different transparent(ex: glass), translucent (ex: waxed paper), and opaque objects(ex: block) from around the house.

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