LHE First Grade Fun

October 31st – November 4th

It was nice to see everyone last week during conferences. Thank you for your time and for sharing your child with us.

We would also like to thank everyone involved with The Harvest Carnival. Once again it was a great success.

Important dates to remember: 

November 3rd is School Picture Retake Day.

November 6th is Daylight Saving Time (move clocks BACK one hour)

In reading this week we will continue to work on schema, exploring how we activate it before and as we learn. Students will have discussions on how and why readers make connections to the text to help figure out the big idea. Activating a student's schema can increase a reader's feeling of self-confidence and their ability to take risks, and it will help your child remember what they haave read.

How you can support: Remind your child that their schema is their feelings, experiences, thoughts, and opinions. Take a minute to ask your child what they know about the topic before they read. This will help connect new learning to something they already know, which makes their knowledge base stronger.Try it with your child and discuss how it can boost their chances for meaningful interaction with the text.

In writing, students will use temporal words such as first, next, and then to move their story along. They will focus on the passing of time and how to  express time in correct sequence.

How you can support: When talking with your child point out some of your favorite temporal expressions, such as, "later that afternoon…" or "as soon as I finished…"

In math, students will be exploring how subtraction is related to additions. We willl be working with fact families.

How you can support: Practice with your child on fact families. For example: in addition, 8+5=13. Thus in subtraction, 13-5=8, and so on.

In science, they will begin their study of light, with a focus on illumination.

How you can support: Ask your child to point out examples of illumination. Halloween night will be a perfect opportunity to point out examples such as lighting a candle in the pumpkin, Halloween lights on houses, etc.

Next week November 10 is our Veteran's Day Assembly @ 2:30 p.m. First grade students will be singing for the all! Remind them to dress in red, white, and blue. Please join us!

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