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It is conference week! We are excited to meet with families and learn all about you! If you haven't signed up for a time, please do using Bloomz or email us.

Remember to make arrangements for your child this week as school ends each day at 1:10p.m.

OMSI if visiting this week Wednesday with a hands on lab to learn about BATS!

In reading we are swooping into nonfiction texts to learn about bats. Students will learn the word, "schema," and how using it can help support comprehension.f3a055fd1eae26a4828f7e64eac15158

What you can do to support: Try a new genre this week. Read nonfiction together. As you sit down to read or listen to your child read, ask them what they already know about the text. Tell them that good readers "activate their schema" befor they begin reading. As you read together stop in meaningful places and ask them what new information they've learned to "grow their schema."


In writing we will continue to write small moments. Students are working on individualized goals. Ask your child what they are trying to accomplish in their writing.

What you can do to support: Give your child possible ideas to write about and model small moment stories. "Capture" in words small moments when you are together. For example, when you run to the car and get soaked from the rain, say "This is a great small moment story. First, we stood at the door and came up with a plan to get to the car without getting soaked. Then, I said 1…2…3… and we ran for it. I dodged the drops like a professional skater. We jumped in the car and laughed because we were still soaked."

In math we will learn to use doubles as a strategy to increase addition and subtraction fluency.

What you can do to support: Work to visualize doubles equations everyday. For example, there are six eggs in one row of the egg carton and six more in the other row (6 + 6 = 12). Start looking and you will see them everywhere. Sing this song together.






In science we learned about the engineering process. Students know that engineers take on a problem, research, brainstorm ideas, pick the best idea, develop a design, build the design, and test it out. Our problem is: "The electricity has gone out in the building. Mrs. Mueller instructed everyone to stay in their classroom. We need to send a message to Mrs. Faddis. What device could we build so we can communicate?" Thus far, students have completed their research, brainstorming, and designs. Due to the short week we will not have science instruction. They will build and test their models after the conference week.

What you can do to support:  Students will be bringing home their instruments this week after they have presented them to their class. Let them present them to their family. Ask them how it works to make sound, different pitches, and volume.

Conference week all week! Dismissal is 1:10p.m.

Please help out at our Harvest Carnival if you can, Oct. 29th from 4 to 7pm. Sign up below;


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