LHE First Grade Fun


In reading this week we will work on accuracy skills. One focus will be "cross checking." This strategy ensures students monitor the words they are reading asking themselves, "Does it look right? Does it sound right? Does it make sense?" Another strategy student will learn is to "flip the sound." Students will practice long vowels with the bossy e all week long. When they come to a tricky word that can't be blended they may have to "flip the sound" and use another sound the letter makes to read the word accurately.

What you can do to support: When reading together, ask your child, "Does that letter make another sound? Flip the sound and reread the word."

In writing the students will add details to their narratives asking questions to tell more about their story.

What you can do to support: Tell the who, what, when, where, why, and how of a story. See if together you can tell the most "boring" story in the world (i.e. I went to the store) versus the most exciting story in the word.

In math this week the students will learn the part-part-whole relationship of numbers, using number bonds.

What you can do to support: Practice taking apart any number of objects into two parts and then pushing them back together to make a whole. Say, "2 Cheerios and 2 Cheerios is the same as 4 Cheerios."

In science this week the students will learn about how to be a scientist. They will take a listening walk to capture sounds. They will begin experimenting with how sound is made and investigate vibrations. Finally, students will learn how sound changes, immersing in pitch and volume. They will begin the inital planning stages of designing their own instrument.

What you can do to support: Drop toys in the bath tub and talk about the waves. Notice how they travel and wonder together why they move the way they move.


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