LHE First Grade Fun

Watch Your Child Grow!

Note to Guardians

Congratulations! You have a first-grader here at Lacamas Heights Elementary! You will be amazed at just how much your child will grow this year. Most likely, your child has had the seeds of reading and writing planted, and during first grade, those seeds will grow and blossom, making your child an accomplished reader and writer. You will see changes in your child's thinking as he/she becomes familiar with abstract concepts and symbols too. The change will be dramatic; compare a tiny seed with a full grown sunflower. That's the kind of growth you'll see this year!


Ways to Help Your Child Bloom

The most lovely flowers usually have the best gardener, and that's you! Staying involved in your child's education is the key to a successful year. Engage your child in conversatioon about his/her day, but know that children won't always give out much information. I will try to update this blog each weekend with classroom activities to keep you informed. The children will write a daily message in their agenda to use as a springboard for discussion. Instead of saying "What did you do at school today?" (the answer is often "Nothing.") You can say, "Oh I see you're learning about…what did you find out? After looking over the message please sign the agenda.  If you can"t find what you need here or in the daily messages please feel free to email renee.faddis@camas.wednet.edu , jennifer.clary@camas.wednet.edu or teresaschlenz@camas.wednet.edu and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


A Few Procedures

To help keep things growing "weed-free", it helps to remember our school procedures. If your child is doing something different after school please send in a signed, dated note with  your child's name and room number on it. If you are picking up your child please sign them out in the office and wait for us to walk around the building to meet you.

Lunch boxes and coats are so much easier to return to their rightful owner if names have been written on them. Thank you, your help is TRULY appreciated! 



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