LHE First Grade Fun

May 22nd-May 26th

Sunshine glorius sunshine! The Fun Run was a great success with lots of families coming out to run and walk their way to summer health!


There are lots of fun events coming up. Stay tuned into the Lacamas website, Bloomz, and our first grade blog to keep up with end of the year festivities.


This week…

Volunteers join us Wednesday, May 24th at 11:50a.m. for a lunch honoring you!

A Zoo Snooze emergency form was sent home this week. Please, return it by Monday, May 22nd!

More Zoo Snooze information will be coming home this week, including an agenda and list of things to remember to pack.

There is new poetry homework in your child's binder. Please complete it together each week.

Students are earning money as part of a social studies unit. They will spend the money on each others products at the "First Grade Fair." They will also receive money for returning the new poetry homework.


In reading… students will be researching to find details to support their answer. They will also learn about teaching others using informational text features, including diagrams, close ups, comparisons, photographs/captions, and fact boxes.

At home take time to read informational texts. Point out text features, identify them and talk about what they are teaching. Ask your child what question they are answering in reading.


In writing…students will be writing conclusions to support their opinions. Students will restate their opinion in the conclusion.


In math…students will be adding ten more/less and one more/less than any given number 1-120. Students will practice adding and subtractly fluently within 20, counting quarters and dollars, and writing expanded equations.


In social studies…students have finished their study of economics including an introduction to "needs, wants, goods, services, products, producers, and consumers." We will have our "First Grade Fair" where they will work as producers in the upcoming week.

In between units of study Mrs. Clary will teach a math unit on graphing. Students will collect and analyze data. They will interpret information on graphs demonstrating an understanding of the vocabulary, "more, less, greatest, and least."

Coming up in science…SPACE!


Have a wonderful week…

Your first grade teachers

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The week of April 24th

This week in first grade…

In reading we are diving deeper into nonfiction. We are reading The Life Cycle of an Apple Tree. We will be looking at text features including table of contents, illustrations, diagrams, and labels. Read nonfiction with your child this week and check out what they're learning.

In Social Studies this week we are learning to compare and contrast in our writing. Students will use a Venn Diagram to sort the key details they've learned in a nonfiction text about students around the world. They will also begin to write sentences using key comparing words, "and" and "both." Have conversations with your child this week about things that are the same and different.

In writing this week we will celebrate our young authors hard work writing nonfiction about an animal. Students are learning how to read their animal books to an audience. Come for our author's celebration Thursday 3:30-5:00p.m.

In math students are learning to compose and decompose two-digit numbers. They are also learning about dividing shapes into halves and fourths and discussing symmetry. We are working with the vocabulary "before" and "after" counting from any starting place from 1-120. Students are learning to determine the value of a digit as determined by its place and are writing them in expanded form. Play counting games while driving in the car starting from any given number. Work with your child on bundling any object into groups of ten. Count the groups.

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It was the week before spring break and all through first grade….

Jungle week brings lots of excitement to Lacamas.

Here are some things you might want to know.

1. Students participate in the "jungle" during their regular p.e. days and times. Please send your child in clothing they can climb, jump, roll, and easily move while wearing. The jungle is like a giant obstacle course decorated with vines, trees, and stuffed animals.

2. Students eat lunch in their classroom. There is still hot lunch available. They walk it back to the classroom to eat there. Please, take care to send nut free lunches to protect our students with allergies. Thank you!

3. As a reward for helping with Jump Rope for Heart, all kids who raised more than $65 are invited to attend ONE lunch recess in the Jungle. The kids are expected to know they have earned this, so if you know your child did achieve this then remind them.  They are expected to eat in the classroom as any other day, then when dismissed to recess, they should ask to go to the gym and Mrs. Moran will be here to meet and entertain them. TUESDAY is for K & 1st grade!

4. Friday is a SPIRIT DAY! Your child is invited to dress like a jungle animal.


Targets this week in class….

Reading: I can ask questions anytime, anywhere, about anything! Students will review what they have learned about asking questions and extend their learning to wonder without limits, to work to answer questions with our newly acquired inferring strategy, and to learn that some questions need to be answered using outside sources.

Writing: I can publish expository/informational text! Students will be putting finishing touches on their animal reports.

Math: I can use a number line to add and subtract! Students will practice using tools to add and subtract larger numbers.

Social Studies: I can use text features to identify key details in a text to learn about children going to school around the world. Students will use what they learn to engage in discussion and expository writing to clarify their understanding.

Science: I can use biomimicry to use what I have learned about plants to solve a problem I generated. Students will work with Mrs. Schaeffer's fifth graders to design and then build a model of a device.

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Zoo Snooze


What is the date?

Room 103 Mrs. Schlenz : May 30th   Room 104 Mrs. Clary: May 31st    Room 105 Mrs. Faddis: June 1st

When do we need to be there, again?

@ 5:00 p.m.

Don’t forget to pay for parking.

What if we are going to be late?

If you are going to be late or if there is an unexpected delay (traffic, etc…) please call 503-704-3903 just prior to your arrival.  I cannot make advanced arrangements for families knowing they need a different arrival time.  Zoo staff will return to the gate, unlock, and escort you to join a group. 


What if we can’t eat the food being served?

The zoo will serve pizza, fruit, and juice for dinner and cereal, muffins, fruit, and juice for breakfast.  If you have a specific dietary need due to food allergies refrigeration is available.  Just inform a zoo staff member upon arrival.  However, there is not the ability to cook/reheat any food items.  Also, if you plan to bring snacks please be sure to abstain from sharing due to food safety rules.  Lastly, make sure all snacks are reasonable in size and controlled.


What should we pack?

  1. Backpack- (snack, water, camera, layered clothing, band aid, and/or other personnel needs) to carry during the evening tours as you will be on the go and won’t have access to your belongings.
  2.  Sleeping bag, pad, & pillow
  3. Layers of clothes as needed, pajamas, change of clothes, & comfortable shoes
  4. Toiletries with exception to shower needs and/or hairdryers/straighteners/curlers (no facilities for the like)
  5.  Camera
  6. Cell phone (abstain from use other than emergencies)


What should we leave at home?

  1. Flashlights (The kids have been asking about this a lot!)
  2. Electronic game systems, radios, Ipods, Ipads, cell phone (games/videos), and tablets
  3. Toys


What else should I know?

  • I will bring your medical history/permission slip form, as well as a master list of our participants as the zoo staff requested.
  • Upon your arrival I will also give you a name-tag to wear. 
  • Zoo staff will coordinate the division of the class into groups.  


What do I have to do?

Enjoy time with your child.  Supervise your child’s behavior, being sure they participate positively with other students/staff/parents.


What happens the next day?

After we pack up, have breakfast, and enjoy time watching an animal enrichment and family farm experience you are free to go.  You may choose to enjoy the zoo for the rest of the day or you may choose to go home and rest.  The choice is yours.  Just don’t forget to pay for parking if you decide to stay. 


We look forward to this experience with you and certainly want it to be enjoyable, so feel free to ask any questions you have or express any needs.  We don’t mind asking if we don’t know and are always happy to help.

Mark your calendars now.

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Jan. 23-27

Welcome Back! We will be embarking on our first full week in awhile! It looks like the weather will cooperate! So, here is what we have planned:

Reading: Students will learn that active readers visualize text using their schema and clues to help them more deeply interpret and recount what they've read. Students will practice visualizing in poems and during read alouds.

What can parents do at home?
 While your child is reading, ask him/her what they see in their mind as they read.
 Stop frequently while reading aloud to talk about the pictures in your mind. This will help your child see that you visualize what you read as well. Ask your child to draw a picture or a sketch of what he/she sees when he/she is reading.
 Whenever something concrete and easy to picture is mentioned in the text, ask your child questions about it. “What color is the fish in the story? When you picture it, what color is it? What is the fish doing in your mind as you read?” Asking these specific questions will help your child visualize what he/she is reading and will help him/her do so when reading more complicated texts.

Writing: Students will be able to generate topics they can teach others about in their writing. Students will understand what it means to write an expository piece of writing.

What can parents do at home?
 Send in a list of all the things your child knows a lot about: clubs, sports, games, etc…

Tell your child what you could teach them about.

After reading a nonfiction book ask your child what the author was teaching the reader about.

Math: Students will be solving word problems using CUB (C=circle the numbers, U=underline the questions, and B=box the key words) to organize their thinking and PLAN (P=Draw a picture, Label your answer, A=Write your answer, and N=Write your number sentence/equation) to show their thinking.

What can parents do at home?
 Work on comparing numbers. How many more cookies do I have on my plate than you? How do you know?

 Ask your child to explain CUB and PLAN.

 Practice fluency using flashcards.

Science: Students will be able to understand the function of a seed.

What can parents do at home?

Encourage asking questions! Our science is inquiry-research based and problem solving oriented
Visit a home improvement store and walk through the garden section.

Read about plants.

Get a variety of seeds. Have your child tape them on a piece of paper. Have your child draw what they predict the parent plant will look like based on the seed.

Plant a seed.


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December 12-16

Tis' the season for wild weather we suppose! In anticipation of one full week before break we are planning for some holiday fun!


Report cards come home Thursday. Please, check your child's back pack.

Friday is our Lacamas Sing-a-long at 2:30p.m. Join us for music of the season.

Students may also wear pajamas for our school wide spirit day on Friday!

In reading this week we will be reading The Grinch, practicing our thinking strategies and working on retell. We will discuss theme and work to put it into practice performing random acts of kindness.

How you can support: Read books around the theme of compassion. Talk about events in the story that illustrate the author working to describe the theme. Some great books are Unspoken by Henry Cole, Each Kindness by Jacqueline Woodson, and Elmer by David McKee.

In writingstudents will write letters to Santa. We will be putting these in a special book to share with families later this year.

How you can support:

Let your child help fill out holiday cards or make some of their own. Let us know if we can help with card supplies.

In math, students will be practicing doubles +1 and doubles -1. These problems are also called neighbors (8+9=17) because they are numerals right next "door" to each other on a number line. This helps to improve student fact fluency.

How you can support:

Practice saying doubles. Add one one. Write equations to match.

In social studies we will travel alongside Glob Trot Scot all over the world, visiting the continent of Europe this week. We will land back home and compare what we know to our own traditions. We will celebrate with a tradition festival on Thursday afternoon. More details will follow on Bloomz this week.

How you can support:

Ask your child what they learned about France this week.

Mrs. Clary, Mrs. Faddis, and Mrs. Schlenz

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It is our first full week in the month of DECEMBER! Time sure flies when you are having fun!

In reading this week we will be studying informational text features and learning how to use them to determine the main idea of select text. Additionally, we will work to ask questions about informational text and dig in to find the answer as we read.

How you can support: Try out a new genre. Read informational text (nonfiction).

In writingstudents will finish their narrative assessment. Upon completion they will experiment with different genres and styles of writing.

How you can support:

Ask your child to read their writing with family and friends. Often reading writing out loud helps to clarify words they intended to write, spelling, and other conventions.

In math, students will be practicing combinations of 10 and doubles fluency within 20. During calendar we will explore 3 dimensional shapes including: cylinders, rectangular prisms, cubes, and spheres.

How you can support:

Play "I Spy" 3 dimensional shapes. Find an object to represent a 3 dimensional shape around the house or while driving (Ex: canned good for cylinder). Use one attribute to describe it and see if your child can guess what object you are describing. Switch roles.

In social studies we will travel alongside Glob Trot Scot all over the world, visiting the continents of Africa, Europe, and North America this week.

How you can support:

Ask your child to say the 7 continent chant for you.

Mrs. Clary, Mrs. Faddis, and Mrs. Schlenz

Lacamas produces a weekly news spot; take a look below.


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