Science Article Rubric – 5 points – Category Homework

Category 2 1 0 Score
Quality of summary and explanation*must be a current event in science or technology Summary clearly describes the article. It includes who, what, when, where, and why. Explanation clearly identifies the scientific concept. Summary includes 3 of the responses describing the article.  Explanation is unclear.(Or  Student has either a summary or explanation but not both) Summary includes less than 3 required responses describing the article.  There is no Explanation of scientific concept.  
Real World Applicationand

Personal Connection

Student provides examples of real world application and how it can affect society.Student states an opinion or asks a question relating to the article. Student has either an example of real world application  or personal connection relating to the article Student does not include real world application or personal connection relating to the article.  
Citation   Source is accurately documented in MLA format or article is attached. No source cited  or attached  

2 Responses to Rubric

  1. michaellsmith says:

    Please note that there is only 1 point assigned for the citation. You may either include a correct MLA citation of your article or attach the complete article when your submit your paper.

  2. jack says:

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