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Expository Structure

At 7th grade, you will be expected to craft a paper that has a spicy intro, three clear paragraphs, and a conclusion that wraps your paper up neatly. The following attachments recap what we have learned in class for the expository paper structure:

Expository writing ppt 2013

For pre-writing and organizing your thoughts:

Expository Essay Assertion chart

A good expository paper has:

1. An awesome introduction

Expository Intro ppt

2.Three body paragraphs(same format for each)

How To Write a Body Paragraph

3. A solid conclusion

4 Strategies for Writing a Solid Conclusion.

Self Editing strategies:

Expository Self Revisions

Peer editing form:

Peer Revision Expository

A good example essay:

Don't Hate Me Because I am Beautiful Expository Essay about the Virtues of Camas


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