Current Events

Weekly work includes a look at what is going on around the county, the state, the country, and the world. Informed citizens need to keep up on current issues. Typically on Fridays, Cooper's class does current events through three formats: online newspapers, Scholastic Jr. magazines, or significant events, such as President Obama's Inaugural speech.
~Online newspapers, such as the Columbian, offer global and local coverage of stories that kids can easily understand and analyze. This also connects them to their community. The write-up of these articles requires kids to closely read informational text, and understand text features such as headlines, bylines, and graphics. Included in their analysis is always a summary of the article content.

Current Events 2011

~Scholastic Jr. magazine is a kid-friendly current events piece that looks at issues nationally and globally. It has informational text that is rife with articles written about kids from a multiple-cultural perspective, and has colorful graphics, charts, graphs, and statistics. It is a subsidiary of Time magazine. Students interpret, analyze, and summarize articles from this great resource.


~Major events, either national or global, are sometimes the focus of current events. These are events of high magnitude, and would be something from the political, economic, social, or human interest perspectives. Presidential speeches, humanitarian efforts, elections, natural disasters, and economic issues are some examples of things that might warrant classroom analysis.

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