Welcome to Ms. Cooper’s 7th grade Language Arts/Social Studies class!

Dear Students and Families:

Welcome to 7th grade!  I am looking forward to this coming school year and feel privileged to be joining you in your academic journey.  Seventh grade will be an exciting time, as there will be challenges to face and victories won throughout the year.  You are not alone in this however, as I will be right here guiding, supporting, and cheering you on.  I challenge you to make this your best year yet by being actively involved in the learning process and our school.

The focus of this class is to give all students more opportunities to engage in active questioning, analysis, and the construction and communication of arguments.  The goals of this program are:

1.         Ensure that students are prepared and motivated in the middle school in preparation for class work in high school.

2.         Encourage students to formulate questions and draw inferences from a variety of teaching materials.

3.         Provide needed skills that enable students to read carefully and critically.

4.         In both English and Social Studies, students are taught to construct solid verbal and written arguments. 

5.         In both English and Social Studies, students are presented with fiction and non-fiction curriculum that will promote higher-level learning.


Please feel free to contact me at any time should you have questions and/or concerns about the class, assignments, or your progress.   


Ms. Gayle Cooper                               

Phone:  360.833-5800, Ext. 79104     


E-mail: gayle.cooper@camas.wednet.edu




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