• WEDS 9/17: HW= Finish Ch. 7
  • THURS+FRI 9/18-19: HW= Finish Chs. 8-10 before Monday 9/22
  • MON 9/22: IC= Ch. 11; HW= Ch. 12
  • TUES 9/23: IC= Seminar, HW= Ch. 13
  • WEDS 9/24: HW= Ch. 14
  • THURS 9/25: HW= Ch. 15
  • FRI 9/26: IC: Small Group Seminar

Mon. 22 Sept. 2014

Due Today: Completed reading through Chapter 10 of BNW.

Target: …establish a claim that analyzes a text from a specific literary lens.

In Class Today:

  1. Character Chart and Mini-Analysis Task: John, Lenina, and Bernard
  2. Chapter 11-12 reading time and/or Mini-Analysis work time

HW: Finish Chapter 12 before tomorrow's seminar; Complete your mini-analysis (Character Chart and paragraph) by Friday.

Fri. 19 Sept. 2014

Target: …provide well thought-out details to set up a successful senior project experience.

In Class Today:

  • Report to the lab… SRP proposal work time.

HW: Finish BNW Chapter 10 before TSOC Monday!

Thurs. 18 Sept. 2014

Due Today: Completed reading of Chapter 8 7.

Target: …use inquiry to promote discourse; …identify text evidnece to support interpretations; …apply critical lenses to the study of literature.

In Class Today:

  1. Seminar. If you were absent, for today's seminar, click here!
  2. Exit Write

HW: Get caught up on your reading! Finish through Chapter 10 by next Monday!

Weds. 17 Sept. 2014

Due Today: Completed reading of Chapter 6

Target: …understand the expectations for quiz responses; …apply literary lenses to the examination of a text in order to frame understanding.

In Class Today:

  1. Debrief Quiz Responses
  2. Guided Reading: Chapter 7 (click here for the worksheet)
  3. SSR: Chapter 8

HW: Finish Chapter 8 before tomorrow's seminar!

Tues. 16 Sept. 2014

Due Today: Completed reading of all of Chapter 5, part one.

Target: …self-assess contribution and benefit from seminar discussion; …identify basic plot, character, setting and conflict elements from the novel's exposition in order to establish a solid foundation for future comprehension.

In Class Today:

  1. Debrief Yesterday's Seminar
  2. Back to Basics…
  3. Continued Discussion (as needed)
  4. SSR: Chapters 5.2, 6.1 and 6.2

HW: Finish all of Chapter 6.

Mon. 15 Sept. 2014

Due Today: Completed reading of Chapters 1-4 of BNW.

Target: …use inquiry and discourse to increase comprehension; …support assertions with valid text evidence and clear reasoning.

In Class Today:

  1. Entry: Chapters 2-4 QuickQuiz
  2. Graded Discussion – Click here for instructions for how to make up discussion points if you were absent!

HW: Finish PART ONE of Chapter 5 before tomorrow.

Fri. 12 Sept. 2014

Due Today: Completed reading of Chapter 1 of BNW

Targets: …use observation, inquiry, and collaboration to increase reading comprehension.

In Class Today:

  1. QuickQuiz: Chapter 1 and Novel Basics
  2. Readaloud: Chapter 2
  3. Seminar Preview and Expectations

HW: See your reading calendar! …finish Chapters 3 and 4 before Monday @TSOC.

Thurs. 11 Sept. 2014

Target: …apply literary lens perspectives to help frame analysis of literature.

In Class Today:

  1. Final notetaking: Lit Lens Stations from yesterday
  2. Brave New World Reading Calendar
  3. Chapter 1 of BNW

‚ÄčHW: Finish Ch. 1 of BNW before tomorrow.

Weds. 10 Sept. 2014

Target: …record meanings for different literary lenses.

In Class Today:

  1. Entry text
  2. Notetaking stations… click here for the stations to read for taking notes; click here for the notetaking guide.
  3. Debriefing notetaking stations

HW: Senior Project Proposals…get a mentor! Fill out the forms!

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