Mon. 20 Oct. 2014

Due TOMORROW: Completed reading of "The Things They Carried," "Love," and "Spin." Vocabulary Quiz Tomorrow as well…

Target: I can evaluate the content and quality of a resource.

In Class Today:


  1. Quickly locate a source somehow related to your potential senior project topic
  2. Follow the RACES instructions to cut and paste, annotate, cite, and quickly evaluate the source.

HW: See deadline above!

Fri. 17 Oct. 2014

Brave New World essays Due! Papers will be locked for grading Satruday afternoon.

Target: I can monitor personal responses to literature, identify the text that triggers a response, and articulate the cause-and-effect response.

In Class Today:

  1. Vocabulary
  2. Reading Calendar
  3. Vignette: "The Things They Carried"
  4. Exit Write

HW: BNW Essay! Finish "The Things They Carried" and "Love." Prep for vocab as you need to.


Thurs. 16 Oct. 2014

Upcoming Deadline: Brave New World essay revisions must be complete by Friday at midnight so I can grade them!

Targets: I can summarize the concepts behind a Reader-Response critical perspective and a Formalist (New Critical) literary perspective; I can connect details of the historical and personal context surrounding the novel The Things They Carried.


At the start of class, click here.


Save about 10 minutes at the end of class to complete the exit survey:

At the end of class, click here.

Note that these assignments will record your name and what time you take the survey.

Mon. through Weds. 13-15 Oct. 2014

DUE MONDAY: Quiz repsonses 18-24.

Targets: I can make meaningful revisions to my essay to increase its clarity, analysis, and development of claims.

In Class Today:

MONDAY, report directly to Lab 100 (Mrs. Gazow's lab); TUESDAY AND WEDNESDAY, report directly to Lab 200 (Mr. Nicholson's lab).

  1. Exploring common errors, the scales, and ways to improve
  2. Revision time
  3. Reflecting on revisions with respect to the scales and criteria

HW: Continue making revisions. Final Draft must be completed before the end of the day on Friday, October 17.

Tues. 7 Oct. 2014 through Thurs. 9 Oct. 2013


  • Apply a specific literary perspective (Marxist or Psychoanalytical) to explore what is stated, implied, and omitted in the text Brave New World.
  • Use text evidence to support interpretations and draw conclusions that go beyond what is overtly stated in the text.

In Class Today:

Essay work time.

UPCOMING DEADLINES: Senior project proposal, mentor agreement, and parent form all due THURSDAY. See the Senior project tab above!

Mon. 6 Oct. 2014

Due Today: Revisions of your Mini-Analysis Paragraphs

Target: …select text evidence to support an analysis of what is implied by the text; …establish claims from a critical perspective and locate patterns of evidence to support these claims.

In Class Today:

  1. Writing Goals
  2. Unit Essay Expectations
  3. Work Time and Resources

HW: Senior project deadline THURSDAY!

Fri. 03 Oct. 2014

Today: Basic Comprehension Test about Brave New World …click here for the test

HW: Mini analysis revisions due @TSOC MONDAY; Senior Project Proposal and Forms

Thurs. 02 Oct. 2014

Upcoming Deadlines:

  • Mini-Analysis Revisions: Due Monday @TSOC
  • BNW Basic Comprehension Test (In Class) Friday
  • SENIOR PROJECT: October 9th — Proposal, Mentor Agreement, Parent Awareness

Today's Targets: Use collaborative discourse to deepen understanding of the text; Support interpretations with text evidence and reasoning.

In Class Today:

  1. Question Harvest
  2. Half Class Discussion
  3. Whole Class Discussion

HW: See upcoming deadlines above!

Weds. 01 Oct. 2014

Due Today: Completed reading of the whole novel.

Target: …use collaborative inquiry to deepen comprehension of stated and implied big ideas from the novel.

Today in Class:

  1. Small Groups: Brainstorming Plot Details
  2. Medium Groups: Clarifying Questions
  3. Whole Group: Deepening Questions

HW: BNW Comprehension Test Friday…be ready!

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