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Fri. 21 Nov. 2014

Due Today: Completed Reading of "The Lives of the Dead"

Target: I can self-assess my readiness for next week's test and establish study plans as needed.

In Class Today:

  1. Entry Q: Who is Tim mourning most in "The Lives of the Dead"?
  2. Test Prep

HW: Prepare as needed for next week's test. If you are going to be absent these days due to the holiday, you MUST access the web and take the test sometime before the start of the school day on Monday, December 1, 2014.

LATE START DAYS Weds. and Thurs. 19-20 Nov. 2014

Targets: I can monitor my own reactions to a text by applying a reader-response perspective.

In Class Today:

  1. In Class Reading: "The Lives of the Dead"
  2. Reader Response monitoring

HW: Finish "The Lives of the Dead" if you did not in class.

Tues. 18 Nov. 2014

Due Today: Completed paragraph and evidence chart.

Target: I can accurately self-assess the quality of my paragraph against a scale; I can justify my self-assessment and articulate how to revise for improvement.

In Class Today:

  1. Lockout?
  2. Self-Evaluation and Justification
  3. Peer Evaluation and Justification
  4. Planning for improvement
  5. Unit Test Study Guide…

HW: Make revisions to your paragraph…5th period: revisions due Friday; 6th period: revisions due Thursday.

Mon. 17 Nov. 2014

Due Today: Evidence Gathering Chart

Targets: I can establish valid context and analytical commentary based on a claim and evidence.

In Class Today:

  1. Senior Project Progress Check
  2. Translating the Scale for Quality Evidence
  3. Effective Context and Commentary
  4. Work Time

HW: DUE TOMORROW… take the claim and the level 4 evidence from the weekend's homework, add context and commentary and submit tomorrow (double spaced) for a grade. Attach the completed evidence chart. 

Fri. 14 Nov. 2014

Due Today: Complete Reading of "Ghost Soldiers" and "Night Life"

Target: I can demonstrate reading comprehension by explaining the context of a concrete detail; I can choose evidence at a varying degrees of quality to relates to specific literary claims.

In Class Today:

  1. Entry Quiz: "Ghost Soldiers" and "Night Life"
  2. Debrief: Claims Quiz
  3. Gathering Evidence…the claims you need for this chart can be found here.

HW: Complete the evidence-collection chart by Monday @ TSOC…the claims you need for the homework can be found here.

Thurs. 13 Nov. 2014

No school due to inclement weather. Complete the reading listed below before tomorrow.

Target: I can select quality evidence to support claims.

In Class Today:

  1. Entry Write: Kind of Claim and Why
  2. Levels of Evidence
  3. Work Time: Locating Evidence

HW: Finish reading "Ghost Soldiers" and "Night Life" before the start of class tomorrow!

Weds. 12 Nov. 2014

Due Today: Completed reading of "In the Field" and "Field Trip."

Target: I can demonstrate comprehension by explaining context of important concrete details; I can differentiate between level 4 claims from different literary perspectives.

In Class Today:

  1. Quick Quiz: "In the Field" and "Field Trip"
  2. Literary Perspectives Quiz Report and Analysis
  3. Collaborating to Support Claims

HW: By FRIDAY, finish "The Ghost Soldiers" and "Night Life"

Mon. 10 Nov. 2014

Due Today: Lit Lenses Review Grid from Friday

Target: I can identify details to support each of the four literary lenses we've explored.

In Class Today:

  1. Entry Write: What is Tomorrow?
  2. Classifying Details by Lens
  3. In Class Reading: "In the Field," "Field Trip."
  4. Exit Write

HW: By Wednesday, complete the two vignettes we started today AND "Ghost Soldiers."

Fri. 7 Nov. 2014

Targets: I can represent the theory behind different literary perspectives; I can differentiate between claims representing the different literary perspectives.

Directions: Indepdently, click through the prezi below and use the note-taking chart provided to you. After you record notes and complete the analogies and synectics (there are directions for this are in the prezi), go to this link for the exit quiz.

Sorry… no homework this weekend. Work on your senior project!

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