Major Deadline: Log of Hours



SIGNED LOG OF HOURS – Thursday, April 30th at the start of English class.


What you need in hand:

·      Your entire TYPED log of hours, printed out.

·      Your “Final Mentor Verification,” completed and signed by your mentor.

·      Your mentor does not need to sign every single log entry…since most of you kept this electronically. The final verification satisfies this.


When you need it:

·      In hand at the start of class on Thursday, April 30th, 2015.

·      No, you cannot go print it out at the start of class.

·      No, it isn’t okay to have your mentor email it to me or to submit it electronically.


What if…

I won’t see my mentor to get his/her signature?

·       Not a valid excuse. No signature = Graduation in jeopardy.

·       Email the document to them, ask them to print it, sign it, scan it, and send it back. And be extra polite… you’re asking them to compensate for your lack of planning. Do this NOW.


What if…

My mentor won’t sign off on my hours?

·      Perhaps they have questions as to whether your hours were invested honestly, or whether you’ve actually done what your log of hours claims.

·      You will not have verification of your project and may have to redo the project during summer school.


I didn’t complete the required 20 hours?

·      You didn’t complete the requirements. You will be meeting with CHS administration to devise a plan for how to re-do your project during summer school.

·      NOTE: There are 24 hours in a day. If you are a couple hours short, you can get this taken care of. Choose to.


I am absent on April 30th?

·      Your printed, signed log of hours is due immediately on your return to class. No exceptions, no extensions.


I logged 20 or more hours, but didn’t “finish” my project?

·      The April 30th deadline is for the hours log, not for the project. If you choose to continue working on your project so that it is high-quality (this is mainly for “Construct and Create” projects) you can keep working on it, but those hours do not count toward your project hours requirement. I strongly recommend that you “finish” your project to high quality in order to best represent yourself to the board. I collect your portfolios on May 14th, which is when I begin grading your project.


Mon. 27 Apr. 2015

MAJOR DEADLINE COMING: Printed-out, signed log of hours due in hand at the start of class on Thursday.

Targets: I can evaluate my own performance on the quiz, determine gaps in my understanding, and remedy those gaps.

In Class Today:

  1. Bright-colored reminder: You have a major deadine Thursday…
  2. Quiz pass-back and response analysis.
  3. Adding detail to the plot chart and arc of tragedy.

HW: If you have fewer than 20 hours on your project OR if you do not have your hours log "Final Mentor Verification" signed, EVERYTHING ELSE TAKES SECOND PRIORITY until this is taken care of. This is a matter of "graduating" or "not graduating." Math homework? NOPE, take care of your senior project. Want to play video games? NOPE, take care of your senior project. BFF's birthday party? NOPE, you need to graduate.

Fri. 24 Apr. 2015

Target: I can describe how the nuances of actor performance shape the development of a character; I can explain how dramatic irony influences an audience's experience; I can demonstrate my comprehension of larger themes and ideas in Othello.

In Class Today:

  1. Half-Way-Through-The-Play Quiz …here's the passage for question #4.
  2. Senior Paper Pass Back and Expectations
  3. Senior Project Portfolio Work Time

HW: Senior Project, Portfolio, Paper Revisions… take care of your obligations!!

LATE START DAYS Weds. and Thurs. 22 and 23 Apr. 2015

See the ongoing homework above!!

Targets: I can summarize a text and interpret how the sequence of events connects to the arc of tragedy; I can analyze the depth of and gaps in my comprehension of key concepts.

In Class Today:

  1. Viewing Act III — if your are absent, either arrange to come in after school to view this act OR read the sparknotes online (No Fear Shakespeare) so you don't fall too far behind!
  2. Plot Map: The arc of tragedy…see me ASAP if you were absent.
  3. QUIZ FRIDAY! What you will need to know…
    • BASICS:
      • Definition of dramatic irony, literary tragedy, what comprises the arc of tragedy
      • Character names, essential identities
      • Key plot events
      • You will be given passages from key moments in the play. Your task will be to contextualize that passage, identify and explain key lines, and interpret how it relates to character development and/or the development of the tragic plotline.
      • You will be asked to describe nuances of Iago's performance (nonverbals) that stand out to make clear his interpretation as a villain.

HW: See ongoing homework above!

Tues. 21 Apr. 2015

ONGOING HOMEWORK: Since you will not be having homework related to Othello, focus on gathering the materials necessary for your Senior Project Portfolio. Be aware of upcoming deadlines! Here is the calendar in case you need it…

Target: I can identify and interpret the nuances of actor performance that impact character development; I can connect the arc of tragedy to the events of Act II.

In Class Today:

  1. Viewing Act II (if you were absent, either arrange with me to come in after school for viewing OR read the online sparknotes for Act II so you don't fall too far behind).
  2. Key Passages.
  3. Nuances of actor interpretation.

HW: Senior Project Portfolio materials!


Mon. 20 Apr. 2015

CHANGE OF PLANS FOR TODAY. I am home with a sick little five-year-old. 

Start at the regular classroom, then the sub will take you down to Lab 200 to continue work on creating and gathering materials for your Senior Project Portfolio.

DIRECTIONS… read and follow these once you are in the lab!

  1. Locate the checklist we made last week in the lab… the one that you PRINTED to help you remember all of the many, many things you need to gather or create for your Senior Project Portfolio.
  2. Decide what you will work on. If you are not sure where to start, you might choose to…
    • Build your resume…if you use Microsoft Word, there are tons of pre-made templates that you just need to fill in… go to the "File" tab, click on "New," and you should see options for " Templates." I recommend searching for "entry-level resume" or just "resume" to find one you like.
    • Begin work on your reflection questions… On page 27 of the Senior Project Handbook is a long list of questions you are to answer about your project experience. You must answer all of them, and do know that your responses to these questions are what I rely heavily upon when I give your project experience a grade. You don't have to write a novel, but be thorough and specific!
    • For Job Shadows and Volunteer projects…remember you need to do some quick expository research about your job/organization. See the instructions for your kind of project in the handbook…and remember to cite your sources!
    • You are required to write a formal thank-you letter to your mentor. I recommend including sharing with them some of the "big ideas" you learned, how you benefited from this experience, or how you hope to use this experience to help you in the future. Here is a link that can help you with formatting a good, professional thank-you letter…this link takes you to an example a thank-you for a scholarship, but you can follow the model and adapt it to fit your senior project experience.
  3. You are not expected to turn anything in today… If you decide to print anything, get a classmate or the teacher to give it a quick look over.
  4. EXIT CHECK: At the end of the period, report your progress at this link. This is how you get credit for today's work. If you "forget" to complete this exit check, you get no points for today's effort. Notice also that the Google form tells me at what time you completed the form…
  5. Questions? Email me. We're back in the regular classroom tomorrow.

HOMEWORK: Your COMPLETED, SIGNED SENIOR PROJECT LOG OF HOURS IS DUE AT THE START OF CLASS ON THURSDAY, APRIL 30TH….which means you will need your mentor's signature before April 29th...which means that including this evening, you only have 10 days to get everything finished (including at least 20 hours total logged).



Fri. 17 Apr. 2015

ONGOING HOMEWORK: Since you will not be having homework related to Othello, focus on gathering the materials necessary for your Senior Project Portfolio. Be aware of upcoming deadlines! Here is the calendar in case you need it…

Targets: I can identify how different interpretations of a text influence the nuances of meaning an audience interprets.

In Class Today:

  1. Examining Iago's Key Passages from Act I
  2. "I hate the Moor."
  3. Nuances of Iago… see prezi below.
  4. Viewing of Act II (we start today, will finish Monday) … if you were absent, go to this link and READ all of Act II to stay on track with us.

HW: See "ongoing homework" above!!

Get your Senior Project Portfolio together!!

ONGOING HOMEWORK: Since you will not be having homework related to Othello, focus on gathering the materials necessary for your Senior Project Portfolio. Be aware of upcoming deadlines! Here is the calendar in case you need it…

Thurs. 16 Apr. 2015

ONGOING HOMEWORK: Since you will not be having homework related to Othello, focus on gathering the materials necessary for your Senior Project Portfolio. Be aware of upcoming deadlines! Here is the calendar in case you need it…

Due Today: Completed reading of Othello, Act I, if you were absent or did not bring your film permission slip.

Targets: I can connect original text to the film interpretation and explore how directorial and actor choices influence the meaning of the text for an audience.

In Class Today: If you are absent, go here and read the following sections.

  1. I, i, 1-74 – Iago and Roderigo
  2. I, iii, 50-172 – Brabantio, Othello, Desdemona and the Duke of Venice
  3. I, iii, 285-401 – Othello, Iago and Roderigo
  4. Exit Write: Iago, and "I am not what I am."

Weds. 15 Apr. 2015

Due Today: Permission slip for viewing Othello

Target: Connect the content of Act I with the Shakespearean arc of tragedy; Draw inferences about character motives and interactions.

In Class Today:

  1. Quick Notes
  2. Viewing Act I … if you were absent, please arrange to come in after school and view OR google Act I of Othello and read the text of it.

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