Policies & Procedures


Students visit the library once a week with class, checking out "good fit" books for independent reading and "any kind" books too!  These books are due back each week, to check out new ones.

Books are not counted as overdue unless gone for two weeks, and then they can be checked out again as needed.  Once overdue, we do not check out new books to a student until the overdue book is found and returned or checked out again.  Lost books can be paid for and then if the book is found, you will be reimbursed during the current school year.

Kindergarteners may check out one book at a time.

1st Graders will start to check out two books after the first of the year.

2nd + 3rd  may check out two items at a time.

4th + 5th may check up to three items at a time.

Students are also welcome to visit the library to check in and/ or renew items at most recesses throughout the school day.

The Woodburn Library Plan:

Library procedures include choosing "good fit" books for independent reading, books you understand that use words you mostly know (5 finger rule). It also includes how to find "any kind" books that interest you and serve your purpose.

Library skills include using the online library catalog to look up the books you want, and understanding and using call numbers to find books in any library, including Dewey Decimal call numbers as appropriate for the given grade level.

Research skills include both print and online formats. In print formats, we learn to use the table of contents, index, and to skim headlines, subheadings, photos and captions to zero in on what we need. In online formats, we work on finding what we need in web page content; the use of online search terms; and efficient sorting through the masses of information we find. Research also includes giving credit where credit is due, citing your sources. And it involves technologically savvy ways to present your information in an organized and clear fashion. Our classroom teachers and your teacher librarian (that’s me) work together to make all this happen. Our goal is that your student is well-prepared for further academic success and equipped with the tools they need to learn anything they ever want or need to learn, to blossom in the 21st century!

Of course woven throughout the year is the spread of an incredible love for reading! This constant overlay uses knowledgeable collection development, fun programs, and simple human networking with the librarian and between students to find more to read that will inspire the individual.

Happy Reading!

Mrs. Crouch


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