Our Weekly Schedule

Monday–computer lab


Wednesday-fitness and music



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About Ms. Cocklin

It is a great privilege to be your child’s teacher. In the midst of the daily chaos of a first grade classroom, I often pause to realize just how lucky I am.  I strive to help each student develop and maintain a love of learning, to act with integrity, and to gain the ability to be persistent in the face of challenges.

Basics: I have degrees in both elementary and special education and have been a teacher since 1983. I continually study and take classes to keep my skills updated.

Beyond the basics: I am a morning person who loves the warmth of the long days of spring and summer. I spend time gardening, hiking and walking my dog. I love photography, my yoga practice, and reading books of all kinds. Fall and winter seasons can sometimes seem overwhelmingly dark and damp. Last winter, I learned to snowshoe which was a great deal of fun and made the season tolerable. I share a house in Camas with my grown son, Julian, and my favorite dog, Bear.



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