Open house

March 8, 2012 from 5-7 pm we will be having an open house. Families can come with their student and see what we have been working on. The kids will show you some of their work and or some of the activities they do. It will be a fun chance to see what your child has been working on and get acquainted. And of course, there will be refreshments. We are excited about this opportunity and hope everyone will come.

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WAAS portfolio

The students have been working hard to learn the skills needed to pass their WAAS portfolio assessments. The 6th graders have been working on reading and math assessment skills. The 6th graders are studying the story The Tailor's Wish retold by Dorothy Leon and the 7th and 8th graders are studying the story The Friendship Orchard a tale from central Asia by Pleasant DeSpain. In addition to reading and math the 7th graders have a writing assessment and the 8th graders have a science assessment. We have been doing units on weather, body parts and plant parts. We have collected the first two data points for the assessment and will collect the third and final data point the first week of March. The second data point showed improvement in almost everything, so we are excited to see what the kids can do for the final data point.

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Last week we made a grape and banana fruit cup in cooking class. Some of the kids gobbled their fruit cup up and others did not want to taste it. This week we will go to the Bi-Zi Farms pumpkin patch and in addition to bringing back a pumpkin each, the kids will get to chose a fruit at the store to use at Thursday's cooking class. It should be a really fun time!

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Fruit of the Week- Grapes

This week we will be learning about grapes. Grapes grow on vines and are in season in the fall. It is important to wash grapes carefully because they frequently have pesticide residues. Grapes are delicious to eat fresh and are also used to make raisins and juice.


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Shopping and cooking

So far we have learned how to prepare the following fruits and vegetables in cooking class: apples, oranges, pears, carrots, green peppers and cucumbers.

When we started shopping for our cooking class foods our first purchase was oranges and our second purchase was green peppers. The final project will be making a fruit salad and a green salad.

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