“Music Alone Shall Live” Tracks

I've uploaded two tracks for "Music Alone Shall Live" in preparation for our upcoming concert.  The first is the pronunciation track, and the second is the vocal performance track.  4-23 […]

Prune Hill Honor Choir Participant

All-State Honor Choir 2012

Aristia McLaughlin was selected to partipate in the Washington All-State Honor Choir.  This is an auditioned choir of 150 fifth and sixth grade students from around the state who perform at […]

Sea Lion Practice Track

We're getting ready for our Music in Our Schools Concert, and one of the pieces we'll sing is "Sea Lion."  Students are exploring improvising over a melody in this song. […]


Mario Paint – Thriller by Michael Jackson

The fifth grade students are preparing for a composing project coming this May, and several students mentioned exploring Mario Paint Composer.  You can download this game and try your hand […]

Niška Banja – Pronunciation and Video

Pronunciation Guide Neesh-kah Bahn-yah tohp-lah voh-dah Zah-neesh lee-yay zjee-vah zjoh-dah   Em-kah Rrah-vlah, Em-kah-may rra-vlah Ahn-doh nee shee nah-may kah-vlah   Neesh-lee-kay soo fee-nay dah-may Nay-shay-tah-yoo nee-kahd sah-may   Yayk […]

Listen and Share: Peter and the Wolf

Share your "Peter and the Wolf" puppet show at home.  These videos are the MUSIC ONLY versions of the story.  Use your characters and instruments to share the story with your family! 


Peter and the Wolf

We spent the month of February studying "Peter and the Wolf", a musical story where each character is represented by different instruments of the orchestra. Students made their own puppets […]