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Tuesday September 13

Freshman English Goal: To gain further understanding of the short story TYW through class discussion; to practice dynamic discussion techniques; to broaden vocabulary 1. Quickwrite: What are  your reactions to the Yellow WAllpaper woman? Do you feel her pain? 2. Discuss TYW.  If absent, click here for a list of discussion questions.  You will need …

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Monday September 12

Freshman English: Goal: To utilize active reading/listening strategies to understand a text; to use context to determine meaning of unfamiliar words 1. Set up Notebook.  Designate the first two pages as the Table Of Contents. Label it at the top and put in the first entry "Quickwrites 9/12-9/16" 2. Quickwrite: Describe an important life experience …

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Friday September 9

Freshman English: Goal: To understand the different elements that comprise literature 1. Story Elements PPT.  If absent, please view PPT and take detailed notes on your own paper.  This info will be used all year and you will be tested on it throughout our short story unit! World History: Goal: To understand how our environment …

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Thursday September 8

Freshman English: 1. Finish Writing Sample from yesterday. Be sure to proofread! 2. Share 2 truths and 1 lie with class. 3. Discuss Characterization. If absent, please get notes from a friend! World History: 1. Discuss civilization. What does this word mean to us as a class? 2. Geography Quick Quiz.  If absent, look through …

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Wednesday September 7

Freshman English: 1. Go over Syllabus. It is available under the English 9 syllabus tab. 2. 2 Truths and 1 Lie Writing Sample.  Due by end of the period.  If absent, turn in ASAP World History: 1. Go over syllabus.  It is available under the World History syllabus tab. 2. What does civilization mean to …

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Tuesday September 6th

Freshman English and World History: 1. Intro/Attendance 2. Self Survey.  If absent, please print this off, fill out, and turn in 3. Quotation Creation Posters. If absent, no worries.