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Friday January 27

Freshman English: Poetry Out Loud Today! If absent, I will talk to you Monday about making this up. World History: Continued time to work on DBQ. Due Monday Please complete this surveyhttps://goo.gl/forms/TiT3XBCNhW04GlSR2 

Thursday January 26

Freshman English: Today's Lesson World History: 1. Continued work time for DBQ #2. Open yesterday's slideshow for prompt and directions.

Wednesday January 25

Freshman English: Today's Lesson IAA World History: 1. QW: How does slave trade demonstrate an abuse of power? Where are we seeing power abused in our current world? 2. Work time for Memorial Project. due Friday World History: Today's Lesson

Tuesday January 24

Peters out sick… AGAIN Please read through these Sub Plans for your class lesson

Monday January 23

Peters Out Sick Please read through these Sub Plans for you class lesson. 

Friday January 20

Freshman English: Today's Lesson World History: Memorial Project work time

Thursday January 18

Freshman English: Today's Lesson World History: Work time for Memorial Project. Due Monday!

Wednesday January 18

Freshman English:  Today's Lesson IAA World History:  1. Finish Amistad….FINALLY. 2. Go over Slave Trade Memorial Project and brainstorm ideas World History: 1. QW: Even though at least 12 million people were kidnapped and transported, some killed, along the Middle Passage, there are almost no memorials for this event/people. Why do you think this is? …

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Blog Update

I apologize that this blog has not been up to date! The plethora of snow days has made keeping up with posts challenging, but it will be updated each day from this point on.