November 2016 archive

Wednesday November 30

Freshman English: Today's Lesson IAA World History: 1. Exploration notes. If absent, get these from a classmate! 2. Book Questions. See me for packet. World History: 1. QW: Do you think Exploration caused more harm or good? What were the pros and cons? 2. Age of Exploration Notes in packet. Get these from a classmate …

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Tuesday November 22

Freshman English: 1. Vocab Quiz. If absent, make up by Dec. 2nd  2. Finish movie 3. Essay due World History: Today's Lesson

Monday November 21

Freshman English: Learning Targets: Review for vocab quiz tomorrow; identify differences between the text and film versions of AF 1. Review time 2. Watch movie/work on Essay.  Essay due by 2:30 tomorrow! World History: Learning Targets: Identify causes of the Protestant Reformation and analyze outcomes; examine Luther's 95 Theses for purpose and translate into own …

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Friday November 18

Freshman English: 1. Continue work time for Essay. Due Tuesday IAA World History: 1. Continue work on DBQ. Due Tuesday. World History: 1. Individual Art Mini-Presentations. If absent, see me for make-up directions.

Wednesday/Thursday November 16/17

Freshman English: Today's Lesson World History: Learning Targets: Identify characteristics of Medieval and Renaissance art; classify art by time period based on key characteristics 1. QW: Why do you think people value art? What kind of art would you be most willing to pay for? 2. Go over Medieval/Renaissance art chart in packet and look …

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Tuesday November 15

Freshman English: Today's Lesson World History: Today's Lesson Read through slideshow adn see me for handout when you return.

Monday November 14

Freshman English: Today's Lesson If absent, see me for directions on how to make up the quiz and discussion points. IAA World History: 1. Renaissance art mini-presentations 2. The Protestant Reformation Notes in packet World History: 1. QW: The word Renaiisance means "Rebirth". What does rebirth mean? Why might there have been a need for a rebirth …

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Thursday November 10

Freshman English: Today's Lesson World History: 1. Work time for DBQ. Structure of a DBQ Essay Homework: Finish DBQ! No more work time in class…DUE TUESDAY

Wednesday November 9

Freshman English: 1. Work time for Propaganda Portfolio. (Posted on Google classroom) IAA World History: 1. Check off book ?s 2. Renaissance Art World History: 1. QW 2. Go over DBQ Essay

Tuesday November 8

Freshman English: Learning Targets: Define propaganda and identify technqiues used in propaganda; analyze modern advertisements for technqiues/purposes 1. Propaganda Notes. If absent, see me or copy these from a classmate upon return. 2. Go over Propaganda Portfolio (posted in Google CLassroom) World History: Today's Lesson