October 2016 archive

Monday October 31

Happy Halloween!! Freshman English: 1. Turn in Journals 2. Continue work on comic strip. LTs on assignment. Homework: Finish comic strip…DUE TOMORROW IAA World History; Learning Targets: Demonstrate understanding of the black plague, medieval lifestyle; create a product that effectively communicates with words and pictures 1. Middle Ages Newspaper: Breaking News.  Assignment in blue packet …

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Wednesday October 26

Freshman English: Today's Lesson IAA World History; Learning Targets: Identify important facts/details about daily life in the Middle Ages; understand the levels of the Feudal system and the reciprocity between the levels 1. Share essays with me 2. Feudalism Diagram.  Copy from a classmate 3. Middle Ages Book Questions in packet. Due Friday World History: …

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Tuesday October 25

Freshman English Today's Lesson World History: Learning Targets: Identify key details/facts/info about the Middle Ages 1. QW: What did you laern yesterday from your book assignment? 2. Book assignment check and discussion 3. Middle Ages Take notes in packet (Stop at "Black Plague) 4. Reflection: How do you think the events of our time period …

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Friday October 21

Freshman English: Today's Lesson IAA World History: 1. Free Write Friday! 2. Work time for Religion Essay World History: Learning Targets: Cite textual evidence to support a position; participate in group discussion respectfully and offer insightful commentary 1. Discussion: Should the US allow Syrian Refugees into the country?

Wednesday/Thursday October 19/20

Freshman English: Learning Targets: Identify similarities between Hitler and Stalin 1. QW: Do you think people are born either good or bad or do we get to choose? 2. "Hitler and Stalin: Roots of Evil" (search on Youtube) with Hitler and Stalin World History: Learning Targets: COnsider the role of geography in the development of Europe …

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Tuesday October 18

Freshman English: Learning Targets: Use reliable sources to gain udnerstanding about the Russian Revolution; cite textual information to support an idea 1. QW: Based on what you know now, what are your thoughts/feelings about Animal Farm? 2. Animal Farm Introductory Research Homework: Finish research  World History: Today's Lesson  See me for directions upon return

Monday October 17

Freshman English: Today's Lesson  Use these sheets to take notes Intro Learning Stations REMEMBER: ESSAY DUE TOMORROW! IAA World History and World History: Today's Lesson View these clips: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G1QfgDkFR5E Bill Maher

Thursday October 13

Freshman English: 1. Continue rough draft. Remember, your final is due on Tuesday but we will not work on this in class on Monday. Homework: Finish rough draft and type up final World HIstory: 1. QW: What did you learn about Islam that you didn't know before? What questions do you still have? 2. Check …

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Wednesday October 12

Freshman English: 1. Continue working on rough draft of your essay. I'll be meeting with individual students throughout the period. World History: 1. Finish the Media Violence letter and share with me (For directions, see yesterday's post) 2. Complete the Islam Book Questions in your green packet

Tuesday October 11

Freshman English: Today's Lesson World HIstory: Today's Lesson