September 2016 archive

Thursday September 15

Freshman English: 1. QW: What is the library for? What can it provide/do for you? 2. Library Orientation World History: Learning Targets: Consider the importance of laws in early civilizations (and today); Identify different categories of laws; determine which laws are most importance for society to function 1. QW: What are some laws that we …

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Wednesday September 14

Freshman English: Learning Targets: Understand the "job" of the claim, context, explanation, and evidence in a paragraph; craft a paragraph that contains al 4 required parts 1. QW: Which types of writing have you done in the past? which do you like? Not like? 2. Analytical Paragraphs  In your journal, take notes on slides 1-5. …

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Tuesday September 13

Freshman English: Learning Targets: Identify elements of setting, conflict, characterization, and theme in AMCH; Understand levels of questioning and be able to give examples for each level 1. QW: What did you think AMCH? 2. Class discussion: setting, conflict, characterization and theme 3. Levels of question info and practice. See me about this if absent. …

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Monday September 12

Freshman English: Learning Targets: Use active reading strategies to understand and analyze a text 1. QW: Describe a time when you have felt like an outsider. When? Where? 2. Read "A Man Called Horse" in blue packet and fill out the graphic organizer (4 squares) IAA World History: Learning Targets: Identify elements necessary for civilization; …

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Thursday September 8

Freshman English: Learnnig Targets: Define and give examples of plot, characterization, conflict, resolution, setting and theme 1. Story Elements  Take notes in blue booklet you received in class. 2. Movie map as a class World History: 1. Geography Quick Quiz 2. Mental Mapping activity 3. Discussion: Why does Geography matter?

Wednesday September 7

Freshman English: Learning Targets: Understand classroom policies for grading, late work, and supplies; demonstrate current understanding of writing conventions/grammar 1. Syllabus Overview and questions 2. Writing Pre  Due by end of period IAA World History: Learning Targets: Understand classroom policies for grading, late work, and supplies; 1.  Syllabus Overview 2. Class Puzzle work time World …

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