Friday September 23

Freshman English:

Learning Targets: Demonstrate understanding of symbolism, character development, and plot details in "The Yellow Wallpaper"

1. TYW Quiz.  If absent, you have until 9/30/16 to make up this quiz

2. Video clips of TYW and work time for book cover

Homework: Finish book cover if needed

IAA World HIstory:

Learning Targets: Demonstrate understanding of the NEolithic Revolution, Mesopotamia and Egypt; locate and label key geographical features of India and China

1. Quiz

2. India/China Map

Homework: Finish Map. Due Monday

World History:

Learning Targets: Define vocabulary connected to Chinese Religion and understand key components of these religions

1. QW: Free Write Friday.

2. Notes: Chinese Religions. If absent, you need to get these from a classmate or come in after school

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