Monday September 19

Freshman English:

Learning Targets: Use active reading strategies to understand a text; Consider narrator, purpose, and symbolism in literature

1. QW: Describe a life experience that has helped make you who you are.

2. Listen to "The Yellow Wallpaper" while reading along

3. Quiet work time: Answer the questions in your packet for this story.

IAA World History:

Learning Targets: Identify purposes of ancient Egyptian art; Mine a text for information by scanning and using headings

1. QW: What comes to mind when you think of Ancient Egypt? What do you already know?

2. Ancient Egypt Book ?s

3. Discuss book ?s

4. Art Analysis

World History:

Learning Targets: Analyze the importance of the Israelites on the history of religion

1. QW:

2. Check and discuss Egypt book questions

3. "Deliver Us" clip

4. Israelite book ?s

Homework: Finish book ?s if not done


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