Friday September 16

Freshman English:

Learning Targets: Demonstrate understanding of literary elements and important events in AMCH; Use context to demonstrate understanding of vocabulary words

1. QW: Free write Friday! Write anything you want as long as it's 6 sentences.

2. AMCH Quiz. If absent, you have until next Friday to make this up.

3. For each vocab word, write a quality sentence.

IAA World History:

Learning Targets: Locate Mesopotamia and important geographical features of this region on a map; consider personal feelings about laws/morality

1. QW: What is the purpose of laws? Why do we have them? What are they meant to do?

2. Mesopotamia notes in red booklet. Foundations of Civilizations

3. Laws Agree disagree  If absent, Choose 4 statements and write whether you agree or disagree and why in your journal.

World HIstory:

Learning Targets: Actively read for information; understand key elements of Egyptian society, government, and religion

1. QW: What do you think of when you think of Ancient Egypt?

2. Egypt Book ?s in your packet

3. Discuss ?s if time


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