May 2016 archive

Wednesday May 25

Freshman English: 1. QW: If you could, what changes would you make in the book that you're reading? (Different setting? Character names? etc.) 2. Reading OR Essay World History: 1. QW: How are you doing with your project so far? Are you on top of all of your work? Understanding you topic? 2. Work time …

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Monday May 23

Freshman English: Learning Targets: Identify primary conflict in a novel; consider characterization techniques to construct a quality letter from a character's perspective 1. QW: Who do you go to when you need advice? Why this person? Best advice you've ever gotten? Worst? 2. Dear Abby Assignment Use this Dear Abby student example as a guide …

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Friday May 20

Freshman English: Learning Targets: Understand and identify key components of setting; Review literary elements in preparation for book talks 1. QW: Describe the setting of your book with AS MUCH DETAIL AS POSSIBLE. 2. Review Lit Elements 3. Reading time IAA World History: Learning Targets: Conduct research using reliable sources to gain knowledge on your …

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Wednesday/Thursday May 18/19

Freshman English: 1. Finish Postcard 2. Read!!! World History: Learning Target: Determine percentages of people in the world who fit into racial/socioeconomic/lingual/etc. categories; Identify major problems facing the world today 1. QW: Describe the biggest problem you have in your life right now. 2. First World Problems 3. 100 people project. See me for info …

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Tuesday May 17

IAA World History Format for Notes Topic Resources

Friday May 13

Freshman English: Learning Target: Outline a plan that will ensure your book is finished on time 1. QW: Describe your book. Why did you choose it? 2. Sticky Note Directions 3. reading timeline requirements. Due Monday. Homework: Finish Reading Timeline IAA World History: 1. Current Events 2. Topics 3. Work on quilt square World History; …

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Thursday May 12

Freshman English: Learning Target: Select a fiction novel that is appropriate for your reading level and area of interest 1. QW: Describe your perfect book. 2. Book Talks and book checkout with Mrs. Christenson Homework: Bring book to class tomorrow!!! IAA World History: Learning Targets: Demonstrate understanding of details/facts/events of WWI/WWII; Understand requirements and due …

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Wednesday May 11

Freshman English: Learning Targets: Gain understanding of requirements and expectations for the Individual Novel Unit; Reflect on feelings and concerns going into this unit 1. QW: How do you feel about reading? What do you enjoy reading? Any favorite books? If you don't read, why? 2. Intro to Individual Novel Unit overview 3. Sign up …

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Tuesday May 10

Freshman English: 1. Take out your creative project and the assignment sheet. JUST SET THEM ON YOUR DESK. 2. Gallery walk of projects 3. Continue TKAM film 4. QW: How did the film compare to the book? What was different? Which did you like better? IAA World History: 1. Continue Schindler's List World History; Learning …

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Monday May 9

Freshman English: Learning Targets: Identify changes/differences in media formats and consider why changes were made 1. QW: How do the characters in the TKAM movie compare to what you expected the characters to look like? Who looks the most like you pictured? The least? 2. Continue watching film World History: Learning Targets: Consider qualities that …

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