March 2016 archive

Tuesday March 15

Freshman English: Learning Targets: Make inferences from a text and explain reasoning behind inferences 1. QW: What information do we learn about the characters and setting in chapter 1 of TKAM? 2. Read chapters 2/3 with guided reading questions (In booklet) Homework: Finish reading and questions if not done IAA World History: Learning Targets: Consider …

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Monday March 14

Freshman English: Learning Targets: Read chapter of TKAM; identify key characters and setting 1. QW:  How do you think racism affects society? 2. PIck up books from library 3. Read chapter 1 aloud World History: 1. Finish film

Thursday March 10

Freshman English: Learning Targets: Analyze photos of the Great Depression/Jim Crow Era to make historical inferences; gather background knowledge about the inspirations for TKAM 1. QW: Describe your life. 2. Finish Great Depression/Civil Rights photos 3. Emmet Till video and song 4. opinion writing IAA World History: 1. Watch Sometimes In April with Viewing Questions …

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Wednesday March 9

Freshman English: Learning Targets: Gather background info on the setting, characters, and plot of To Kill A Mockingbird; Analyze images of the Great Depression and Jim Crow Era 1. QW: What do you know about the Southern U.S.? About the Civil Rights Movement? The Great Depression? Write down anything and everything… 2. Briefly discuss Warm Bodies …

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Monday March 7

Freshman English: Learning Targets: Compare/contrast texts of different formats (Play Vs. Film); reflect on the impact Shakespeare still has in modern media 1. Go over Warm Bodies Viewing Assignment 2. Begin film Homework: Finish Essay!!! Typed version due first thing tomorrow! World History: Learning Targets: Briefly analyze political cartoons for their links to Imperialism; Understand …

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Friday March 5

Freshman English: Learning Target: construct a quality literary analysis essay that cites textual evidence to support a claim and demonstrates understanding of R&J 1. Last day to work on essay in class Homework: Finish R&J essay, type, and print. DUE TUESDAY. IAA/World History: 1. Current Events 2. Continued work time for political cartoon Homework: Finish …

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Wednesday/Thursday March 3/4

Freshman English: Learning Target: Construct a quality literary analysis essay that cites textual evidence to support a claim and demonstrates understanding of R&J 1. Work time for essay. Continue rough draft. IAA/World History: Learning Target: See assignment sheet 1. political cartoon

Tuesday March 1

Freshman English: Learning Target: Construct a cohesive, literary analysis essay that demonstrates understanding of paragraph structure and R&J 1. QW: How was your test? What was easy and/or hard? What did you do to prepare? 2. R&J Essay  Work time for essay IAA World History: 1. QW 2. Parliamentary Debate of 1904. If absent, see …

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Monday February 29

Freshman English: Learning Target; Demonstrate understanding of key literary elements, lines, and act of tragedy events in R&J 1. R&J Final Test. If absent, you must make this up by monday 3/7 World History: Learning Target: Understand a single option in the British Parliamentary debate of 1904; defend said option using logic and historical documents …

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