Wednesday March 30

Freshman English:

Learning Targets: Evaluate discussions to determine what is necessary for productive conversation; read and annotate non-fiction text to prepare for discussion

1. QW: What does a quality discussion look like? What do the people do that makes it a good conversation?

2. Good Convo Vs. Bad Convo

3. Read the two articles given. Annotate (make notes on them) to document your ideas/thoughts.

4. Write 3 questions that you will bring to discussion tomorrow

World History:

Learning Targets: Share information in a way that is logical and clear

1. QW: Write anything you want about WWI or WWII (coming after spring break).

2. 15-20 Minutes: For each of the 3 topics you looked at yesterday, create one slide in Google Drive with key information.

3. Share slides and information with your small group.

4. End of world war one and notes

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