March 2016 archive

Wednesday March 30

Freshman English: Learning Targets: Evaluate discussions to determine what is necessary for productive conversation; read and annotate non-fiction text to prepare for discussion 1. QW: What does a quality discussion look like? What do the people do that makes it a good conversation? 2. Good Convo Vs. Bad Convo 3. Read the two articles given. …

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Tuesday March 29

Freshman English: 1. Read Chapter 12 2. Art Time: Draw a sketch that shows what one of the characters looks like in your mind. Choose one quote from the book that helps you envision this character and copy that onto your picture. IAA World History: 1. QW: How was your weekend? 2. World War I …

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Monday March 28

Freshman English: Learning Targets: Objectively summarize a text to demonstrate comprehension; Use active reading strategies to understand a complicated text 1. QW: What did you do this weekend? 2. Check Vocab 3. Read chapters 11 and 12. Finish tomorrow if needed. World History: Learning Targets: Recall information, use common sense, and research when needed to …

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Friday March 25

Freshman English: 1. Vocab for chapters 10-12. due Monday 2. Read chapter 10 Homework: Finish reading/vocab if not done IAA World History: 1. Current events 2. Work time for Letters From The Trenches (in packet) 3. IAA field trip consent form World History: 1. Work Time for Letters From The Trenches

Thursday March 24

Freshman English Learning Targets: Make inferences that are not overtly stated; Identify character traits for main characters and select text evidence to support choices 1. QW: Summarize what happened in chapter 8. What were the key events? 2. Read chapter 9 aloud 3. Work time for chapters 8-9 reading questions Homework: Finish reading questions if …

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Wednesday March 23

Freshman English: Learning Targets: Give meaningful feedback to improve writing; use a scale to guide feedback/grading 1. QW: What does it mean to be a "good writer"? 2. Guided Peer Editing of yesterday's paragraph 3. Vocab Check 4. Read chapter 8 aloud World History: Learning Targets: Identify important people and events during WWI; define new …

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Tuesday March 22

Freshman English: Learning Targets: To construct a paragraph that makes inferences from a text and cites evidence; define new vocabulary 1. QW: In chapter 6, why is Jem so insistent on going back for his pants? What do you think this moment tells us about his relationship with his dad? (Go back to this part …

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Monday March 21

Freshman English: Learning Targets: Make inferences that are not overtly stated in a text; consider a theme and identify details that support the theme 1. QW: How was your weekend? What did you do? 2. Discuss reflection paragraph from Friday 3. Answer and discuss ch. 3/4 questions. 4. Read chapter 6 aloud, 7 alone. Homework: …

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Friday march 18

Freshman English Learning Targets: Correctly integrate new vocabulary into a sentence; read for comprehension 1. QW: Free-Write Friday. Write anything you want…BUT you must use at least 2 of your vocab words. 2. Stamp Vocab 3. Listen to Audiobook of chapters 4 and 5. 4. Write one paragraph reflection on question below: How is the …

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Wednesday/Thursday March 16/17

Freshmen English: Learning Targets: Define important vocabulary to better understand chapters 4-7 1. QW: Atticus tells Scout "you never really understand someone until you see things from their point of view." Describe a time you needed to see something from someone else's point of view. 2. Stamp 2/3 questions and discuss 3. Work time for …

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