January 2016 archive

Thursday January 28

 Freshman English: Learning Targets: Analyze the prologue of R&J for meaning, word patterns, and language form 1. QW: WHat is the difference between love and lust? (Look up lust if you need to!) What could happen if love and lust are confused? 2. prologue tpcastt 3. Discuss as a group World History/IAA Learning Targets: Use …

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Wednesday January 27

 Freshman English: Learning Targets: Identify the location, key plot points, and characters in Romeo and Juliet 1. QW: Thoughts about starting R&J? 2. Romeo and Juliet  Take notes in red workbook 3. Complete one page reflection on the last slide of powerpoint above World History: Learning Targets: Identify important changes in the world taking place …

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Tuesday January 26

Freshman English: 1. QW: Write down anything and everything you know about SHakespeare and/or Romeo and Juliet. 2. R&J Book talk. If absent, you MUST copy the notes from a classmate into your red workbook World HIstory: 1. QW: WHat are your thoughts on 2nd semester? goals? upcoming events? 2. Go over 2nd semester reminders.  …

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Thursday January 14

Freshman English: 1. QW: Why did you choose your poem? What do you like about it? What is it about? 2. Poem Practice 3. Discuss "Legend of the Paper Plates" 4. Semester 1 Final Study Guide Homework: Practice your poem! IAA/World History; Learning Target: Demonstrate understanding of historical documents; use historical documents to support a …

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Slave Trade DBQ Packet

atlantic_slave_trade_dbq Final  Use pages 2-5 to complete your essay.

Wednesday January 13

Freshman English; Learning Targets: Use tone and inflection to communicate meanings of words; analyze a poem using the TPCASTT method to increase understanding 1. QW: How are you feeling about Poetry Out Loud? Excited? Nervous? Neutral? Why? 2. Poem Practice 3. "I Am" poem 4. TPCASTT "Legend Of The Paper Plates". We'll discuss this tomorrow. …

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Tuesday January 12

Freshman English: Learning Targets: Analyze how body language, voice, and facial expression impact a poem's meaning/purpose 1. QW: What are your current thoughts/feelings about POL? 2. Peters Example Performance 3. Watch POL examples and discuss 4. Complete Tone Map in pink booklet. Use this Tone map- one perfect rose as an example. IAA World History: …

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Monday January 11

Freshman English: Learning Target: Use the TPCASTT method to understand a poem; work cooperatively with a group to effectively complete a task 1. QW 2. Figurative Language quiz. If absent, you have until Friday to make this up. 3. Check off TPCASTT of choice poem 4. TPCASTT of "a song in the front yard"  If …

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Wednesday/Thursday January 6/7

Freshman English: Learning Target: Define and give examples of Simile, direct/indirect metaphor, personification, imagery, tone 1. Sign-up for choice poems 2. POETRY-basics-stations  Take notes in pink booklet 3. TPCASTT: "When I Am Asked" Homework: Print a copy of your choice poem directly from poetryoutloud.org World History/IAA Learning Targets: Analyze popular media for connections to course …

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