December 2015 archive

Wednesday December 16

Freshman English; 1. In library to type essay. Due Thursday World History: Learning Targets: Compare attitudes about European exploration with mankind's attitudes about current exploration; read nonfiction text and extract key information 1. QW: If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go and why? 2. Complete the reflection on exploration in …

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Tuesday December 15

Freshman English: 1. Work time for "This I Believe" essay IAA World History: Learning Targets: Understand key facts about the Middle Passage (Who, what where when why); utilize active reading strategies to understand and apply information from historical documetns 1. QW: what does it mean to be powerful? Do people who are powerful have certain …

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Monday December 14

Freshman English: Learning Targets: Craft a cohesive first person narrative with proper conventions; determine audience and use appropriate voice 1. QW: What are things that you think about when you have nothing else to do? 2. Go over "This I Believe" assignment and examples 3. Silent work time World History: 1. QW: What do you …

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Thursday December 10

Freshman English; Learning Targets: Demonstrate understanding of the elements of literature presented in Anthem 1. QW: Reactions to Anthem? 2. Anthem Test. If absent, you MUST make this up before Winter Break or you will receive a zero. IAA World History: Learning Targets: Prepare for and participate in a mock trial demonstrating understanding of Columbus's …

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Wednesday December 9

Freshman English: Learning Targets: Discuss symbolism in Anthem; analyze the conclusion/resolution of the text (author's purpose) 1. QW: How was yesterday with the sub? What happened? How much well did you work? 2. Discuss yesterday's chapters 3. Finish book and discuss 4. Things to know for the Anthem Test sWorld History: Learning Targets: Identify basic …

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Monday December 7

Freshman English: Learning Targets: See assignment handout 1. In lab 200 to continue work on Tourism Brochure Homework: Finish tourism brochure. Due Wednesday at start of class. World History: 1. People Vs. Columbus et al Trial. If absent, you will have a make-up assignment to compensate for your missing the trial 2. When trial is …

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Friday December 4

Freshman English: Learning Targets: See assignment sheet 1. Discuss chapters 5/6/7 reading questions 2. Palace of Tourism Brochure for Anthem  In Lab 200 World History and IAA 1. Work Time for People Vs. Columbus et al

Thursday December 3

Freshman English: Learning Targets: Determine prominent conflicts so far in the text; Discuss symbolism in the text. 1. QW: Make some predictions about what you think will happen in the rest of the book. 2. Discuss chapters 2/3/4 and check off questions 3. Read chapters 5/6/7 with questions IAA World HIstory: Learning Targets: Consider reasons …

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Wednesday December 2

Freshman English: Learning Targets: Identify character traits of Equality; Use active reading strategies to understand a complicated text and extract information about characterization and plot. 1. QW: What are your reactions to the society described in Anthem? How would you behave if you lived there? 2. Finish chapter 1 and discuss 3. Read chapters 2/3/4 …

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Tuesday December 1

Freshman English: Learning Targets: Define characteristics of a utopia and dystopia; identify and discuss details about setting, conflict, adn character from chapter 1 1. QW: What would a Utopia be like? What would a dystopia be like? List as many traits as you can for each. 2. Anthem book talk 3. Discuss opinion sheets from …

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