May 2015 archive

Friday May 29

World History: 1. "If the World Had 100 People" discussion 2. Survivor story final drafts due Freshman English: 1. Literary devices and figurative language lesson: Figurative Language PPT 2. Novel reading time and essay rough draft work time

Wednesday/Thursday May 27/28

World History: 1. Sophomore testing days with English classes 2. Work time for Inhumanities Project Reminder:  Final drafts of survivor stories due Friday Freshman English: 1. Essay Planning Packet handed out 2. Lesson on Three-prong thesis statements 3. Lesson on using hooks to begin the novel essay: Hook Examples

Tuesday May 26

World History: 1. Completed section of research report with parenthetical citations checked off. 2. Research time with Chromebooks Freshman English: 1. Prezi novel project work time with Chromebooks 2. Handout: checklist for book talk  

Friday May 22

World History: 1. Library computer lab time for presentation research 2. Rough drafts of Works Cited lists checked off Reminders: Final draft of one research subtopic due Tuesday Students need to get a tri-fold display board for project Freshman English: 1. Library computer lab time for Prezi project 

Thursday May 21

World History: 1. Inhumanities Project research time Reminder: rough draft of works cited page due Friday Freshman English: 1. Practice identifying types of conflict 2. PPT – theme 3. Practice identifying theme

Wednesday May 20

World History: 1. Returned textbooks to library 2. Lesson: parenthetical citations 3. Research time for Inhumanities Project 4. Tolerance statements final drafts Freshman English: 1. Lesson: Five types of conflict 2. Indentified conflict types in independent reading novel

Tuesday May 19

World History: 1. In-class research time: Inhumanities Project Freshman English: 1. Wrote rough drafts for upcoming Prezi  descriptions of key characters in independent reading novel 3. In-class reading time

Monday May 18

World History: 1. In-class research time: Inhumanities Project Freshman English: 1. Lesson on narrator types First Person: main character or secondary character Third Person: objective, limited or omniscient 2. Wrote rough drafts for Prezi  narrator and narrator types for independent reading novel 3. In-class reading time

Friday May 15

World History: 1. Tolerance Statements work time 2. Chrome books research on inhumanity topics Freshman English: 1. Chrome books work time – completed cover, author bio, and review quote frames  

Thursday May 14

World History: 1. Tolerance Statements handout – Final statements are due Wednesday, May 20 2. Inhumanities topic research time on chromebooks Freshman English: 1. Created Prezi for novel and chose format 2. Added book cover image to Prezi 3. Added author biographical information to Prezi