March 2015 archive

Tuesday March 31

World History: 1.  QW:  (Per. 1) How does war solve/not solve problems?  Explain.      QW:  (Per. 4 & 5)  How could the League of Nations been more successful? 2.  Textbook pgs. 596-598 3.  Create WWII timeline from dates on handouts Freshman English: 1.  Graded discussion of TKAM 2.  Read chapter 13 of TKAM Reminder:  TKAM …

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Introduction – Mrs. Christensen

Hello! I am the long term sub for Mrs. Peters and will be teaching her classes until the end of the school year.  I am new to the Camas school district but have years of experience teaching English, social studies, and also as a secondary librarian. Mrs. Peters has left the classroom very well organized, …

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Monday March 30

World History: WWII PPT – Causes of War – Take notes in journal Freshman English: Read Chapters 11 & 12 alound and discuss Prepare three discussion questions for Tuesday's graded discussion  

Friday March 27

World History: 1. End of world war one  Take notes in journal. 2. Reflection: How do you think the world recovered from WWI? Do you think it actually did? What problems can you see that may have been CAUSED by WWI? Freshman English: 1. Go over chapter 9 questions as a class. 2. Read chapter …

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Thursday March 26

World History: Learning Target: Review important details and events of WWI; Locate key locations of battles/countries/movement during the war 1. WWI Map Activity Freshman English: Learning Target: Analyze the views of African Americans presented in Chapter 9 of TKAM; Discuss characterization of aunt Alexandra and Uncle Jack 1. Read chapter 9 and answer questions in …

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Wednesday March 25

World History: Learning Targets: Understand the living conditions and pro/cons of trench warfare 1. QW: What emotions do you think soldiers feel when at war? How are these handled? What are some of the challenges when the war is over? 2. Letters From The Trenches  Due Thursday March 26 (not April 1!) Freshman English: Learning …

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Tuesday March 24

World History: Learning Targets: Define Trench Warfare; understand key events/techniques of WWI 1. QW: Is it acceptable to kill people from another country while at war? Is it acceptable to kill civilians if it helps accomplish the goal? Why or why not? 2. Important Pre-WWI Factors  View slides 19-29. 3. Show video clips: …

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Monday March 23

World History: 1. World War 1 Book Assignment in journal. Due Tuesday Freshman English: Learning Targets: Identify an important character trait of Scout's and use text evidence to demonstrate and analyze this trait 1. Go over chapters 4/5 assignment 2. Analysis paragraph: What is a primary character trait of Scout? Use text evidence to demonstrate this …

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Friday March 20

World History; Learning Targets: Identify political/social/military factors that set the stage for WWI; Identify the inciting incident of WWI 1. QW: How does war solve problems? Does it? Why or why not? 2. Current Events 3. Important Pre-WWI Factors Take notes on slides 11-17 in journal. Freshman English: Learning Target: Use active reading strategies to understand …

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Wednesday/Thursday March 18/19

World History: Learning Target: Demonstrate understanding of the definition, examples, and effects of Imperialism 1. Imperialism Test. If absent, you have until next Friday to make up this test after school. 2. Correct portions in class. Freshman English: Learning Target: Make inferences based on textual information to better understand characters and lifestyle during the Great …

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