February 2015 archive

Friday February 27

World HIstory; 1. Current Events 2. Read pgs 453-459 in your textbook. Complete questions 1,2,4,5,6,7 at the end of the chapter. Freshman English: Learning Target: Review literary elements, arc of tragedy, and key sections of R&J in preparation for Monday's test 1. QW: What are your reactions to the play now that we are done? …

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Thursday February 26

World History: Learning Targets: Evaluate and defend one of the proposed historical options in the Debate of 6/9/1904; Understand Britain's actions after holding the debate 1. Parliamentary Debate of 1904. If absent, you don't have any work to make up, but need to see me for the information that you missed. Freshman English: Learning Targets: …

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Wednesday February 24

World History: Learning Target: Identify causes/motivations for European imperialism in Africa; understand importance causes/events/conflicts of Belgian imperialism in the Congo 1. Choices study guide part II  Click here to open the PDF with the information for filling out the study guide. (Pages 16-26 of the PDF)http://projects.ecfs.org/eastwest/Readings/CongoSim.pdf Homework: Finish study guide if not done Freshman English: …

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Tuesday February 24

World History: Learning Targets: Identify pros/cons of Imperialism for both the colonizer and the colony; Identify key characteristics of the Congo region prior to European Imperialism 1. QW: WRite down everything you know about Africa. 2. Class brainstorm: pros and cons from yesterday 3. choices congo part 1 study guide  To acces the information to fill …

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Monday February 23

World HIstory: 1. QW: How was your weekend? What did you do? 2. Motives for Imperialism learning walk If absent, fill in the worksheet with information from the different info pages. 3. Pros/Cons of Imperialism Freshman English: 1. Continue work on Friday's group assignment. Due at end of period.

Friday February 20

World History: 1. Current Events 2. Imperialism In India If absent, take notes in your journal before Tuesday. Freshman English: Learning Targets: See assignment handout 1. (261806633) Acts-IV-and-V-group-reading  IF absent, you must complete the reading and this assignment on your own.

Thursday February 19

World History: Learning Targets: Identify ways that disease has led to African poverty; Define imperialism; understand the causes and outcomes of British Imperialism in China 1. Finish GGS and go over questions. If absent, you need to get the rest of the answers from a classmate and turn in. 2. Imperialism in China  Take notes …

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Wednesday February 18

World History: Learning Targets: Analyze why Europeans were successful in settling the African Cape but not the tropics 1. View Film "GGS: Into The Tropics" Freshman English: Learning Target: Use active reading strategies to decode and understand a difficult text; identify key plot details that make up the Arc of Tragedy in R&J 1. QW: …

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Tuesday February 17

World History: Learning Targets: Explain key componenets of factory/overseer work conditions; compare/contrast work conditions during the Industrial Revolution with modern American work conditions 1. QW: What do we expect when we talk about acceptable work conditions? which jobs do yout hink have the best/worst work conditions? 2. factory postion simulation Factory Worker-Overseer simulation  If absent, …

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Friday February 13

World History: Learning Targets: Consider working conditions in other countries and compare them to expected working conditions in the United States 1. QW: What were your jobs when you were little (think ages 5-10)? What kinds of jobs do you think are appropriate for kids this age? 2. Current Events 3. View one of the …

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