January 2015 archive

Friday January 29

World History: Learning Targets: See Assignment handout 1. Continue work on Enlightenment Thinker Advertisement Homework: Finish your advertisement if not done. Present on Monday! Freshman English: Learning Target: Gain basic knowledge of plot, character, and language 1. QW: What are reasons that people often don't get along? 2. View Romeo and Juliet, Act I and …

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Thursday January 28

World History: Learning Target: Use quality sources to research a single enlightenment thinker; explain the impact assigned person had on the world/time period 1. revolution-enlightenment If absent, copy down the definition of Popular Sovereignty on slide 9. 2. Enlightenment Thinker Advertisement Freshman English: Learning Targets: Explain the changes Shakespeare made to the English language and why …

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Wednesday January 28

World History: Learning Target: Identify key events/trends happening between 1750-1914; Summarize the steps of the Crane Brinton Model 1. QW: What types of changes/decisions/etc would make you willing to rebel against our government/authority? 2. Pass back finals and discuss 3. revolution-enlightenment. Please take notes in your journal on slides 1-11 Freshman English: Learning Targets: See …

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Tuesday January 27

World History: 1. How was your weekend? 2. World History sem 2  2nd Semester Reminders. Remember, parents must sign and return by Monday Feb 2! 3. Current Events Sign-up 4. Skills center info Freshman English Learning Targets: To determine the time period of Shakespeare's life/works; to understand why we still read Shakespeare; to summarize Iambic …

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Wedneday January 21

Finals Periods 1/6 World History; Learning Targets: Read closely to interpret a historical document; cite valid text evidence to support your answers/ideas 1. Final Part 2: Document Analysis

Tuesday January 20

World History: Learning Target: Demonstrate understanding of key facts about the different units of study we've covered 1. Finish Final: Part 1 Freshman English: Learning Target: Recite a poem in a manner that demonstrates your understanding of the poem's content/tone 1. Poetry Out Loud! Classroom competition Homework: Prepare for your final test. 2nd period on …

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Friday January 16

World History: Learning Target: Demonstrate understanding/recall of important facts about the units of study we've covered this semester 1. Final Part 1: Open Note Test Freshman English: Learning Target: Prepare for next week's final by reviewing notes, looking up definitions, and asking questions 1. Collect Late Passes 2. POL sign-ups 3. Semester 1 Final Study …

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Thursday January 15

World History: 1. Current Event make-ups 2. Collect late passes 3. Work time to organize notes and past assignments for final tomorrow. Remember: Tomorrow is the last day to turn in late work with a late pass! Freshman English: Learning Target: Demonstrate understanding of how to use the TPCASTT method to decode and understand an …

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Wednesday January 14

World History: Learning Target: Demonstrate understanding of the Middle Passage and explain how it has impacted history 1. Presentations of memorial projects Freshman English: Learning Target: Demonstrate understanding of how to use the TPCASTT method to decode and understand an unfamiliar poem 1. QW: Which finals do you have coming up? How are you feeling …

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Tuesday January 13

World History: Learning Target: Same as yesterday 1. Continue work on memorial project. Remember, you will present it tomorrow! Homework: Finish! Freshman English: Learning Target: Construct an analysis paragraph that accurately discusses/dissects the tones of a chosen poem; support inferences with evidence from the text 1. QW: How old do you the speaker of "a …

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