Friday December 12

World History:

Learning Targets: Identify and label coutnries and key geographical features of Africa

1. Current Events

2. Finish African Map

Freshmen English:

Learning Targets: Identify how and why writing skills are progressing from the first essay to the second; reflect on student understanding and responsibilities in class

1. Qw: Free Write!

2. Pass back essays and discuss. Revision due the Monday after Winter Break 1/5

3. essay reflection

4.   Things to know for Anthem Test:

  • The names and descriptions of the people who Equality mentions multiple times throughout the story.
  • The symbolism of both the light and the uncharted forest
  • Key details about the society and the lives of people that live there
  • Be able to generally summarize the plot and Equality’s actions
  • Definitions/understanding of Dystopia and Utopia
  • Important terms used in the story (time periods, names of buildings, events, etc.)

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