Tuesday December 2

World History:

Learning Targets: Define key words and identify important exploreers linked to the exploration of north/south America

1. QW: Describe a time that you did something risky or made a choice others didn't agree with. Why did you decide it was worthwhile? How did it turn out?

2. Exploration Book Questions 189

Homework: Finish book questions if not done. Due tomorrow.

Freshman English:

Learning Targets: express ideas clearly and respond to others with appropraite questions/comments; use text evidence to support assertions and opinions

1. QW: What are some of your personal characteristics that you are proud of? what are some that you need to improve or work on developing?

2. Socratic Seminar: GRIT

Alternate Assignment: If absent today, write a 1 page letter to the author of the article we read explaining the questios below:

– Why you agree/disagree with the teaching of character traits in schools. Include specific reasons and refer to ideas in the text

– What was interesting to you about the article?

-What confused you about the article/ideas in the article?

-What questions do you have that would help you better understand this topic?

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